Audi A3 8V, the third generation of Audi A3 enters the Almost Car Reviews ring. But does it still have the same charm as before or is it time for it to get a loyalty card at a chain of drugstores?

The first A3 was a weird entry in the car world, but it was the pioneer of premium hatchbacks. Then came the second generation Audi A3, which was almost as legendary as Johnny Sins. From the modest 1.6 NA petrol to the delicious RS3 with a 2.5 turbo 5-cylinder rocket, you had any engine for anyone. Plus by then Audi was already in the premium area and the A3 had become the aspirational Audi.

It’s just that the Audi A3 8V is no longer the aspirational Audi, its place being taken over by the Audi A1. Nor is there such a burning desire for hatchbacks, much less for premium hatchbacks. Mercedes A Class also came and the Audi A3 8V suddenly became abit of a Rambo, which when gets attacked by 50 competitors tells them: “Ha, I surrounded you!”

Why buy a Audi A3 8V in 2022?

Because the Audi A3 8V comes with all possible engines and all possible body styles. Sedan? No problem. Hatchback? Something classic. Cabriolet? Treat yo self. Wagon? Get a Sportback.

If you want a sort of small, premium car that can fare well in the city and that is capable of occasional road trips on the roads of the country, then the Audi A3 8V proves that the original recipe is still relevant to this day.

Personally, I don’t like that interior that is so minimalist that you say it was designed by Boris Brejcha and I don’t like the price either, but I live on minimum wage so you could say that is a case of sour grapes. But still, an Audi A3 8V sedan costs 10,000 euros more than a Megane IV sedan and you get a miserable 1.0 116-horsepower petrol so that’s another argument.

By the way, I ran a simulation on the official website to see how much an Audi A3 8V full-option sedan can cost. I reached a whopping 67,371 euros, but if you feel lucky you can try to break the record. 67,371 euros for a 2.0 TDI 184 bhp unit. Meanwhile, a Touareg starts at 49,107 euros and comes standard with a 231-horsepower 3.0 TDI diesel. 67,371 euros.


Audi A3 8V side almostcarreviews

Audi A3 8V Engines


  • 1.0 Turbo of 116  Horsepower  – An aspirational engine for an aspirational car. It’s just that it’s not aspirational, it’s turbocharged. The kind of engine you put on a brochure “With prices starting at…” , or the kind of engine you put on a fleet for some corporation.
  • 1.2 TFSI of 105 horsepower – A relic of the past, this engine was the entry-level engine until it was replaced by the microscopic 1.0 Turbo. Now it has timing belt, so it doesn’t have to be replaced every third engine start.
  • 1.4 TFSI of 125 and 150 horsepower – The base engine for the Audi A3 8V,  this village bicycle comes with a timing belt and no longer has a gold chain / plates around its neck. It shook its head and promised itself, “I won’t do it a second time.” Or will it?
  • 1.5 TFSI of 150 horsepower – Much like Lego, this 1.5 TFSI is part of the series of modular engines from VW that debuted on the Golf VII. After the 1.4 TFSI concussion, the Germans thought of coming with a new engine. Unfortunately, it is so complex that it has sensors for sensors and a oil drinking problem.
  • 1.8 TFSI of 180 horsepower – mmmhmm… .mmhmm… The same 1.8T launched in 1320 on Skoda Octavia I and Golf IV GTI. You would think that in 700 years they had time to solve problems. Yes, you are wrong.
  • 2.0 TFSI of 220, 300 and 310 horsepower – I don’t know how much sense it makes to talk about this engine, considering that it was launched on the Audi A3 8V only on the anniversary version and on the S3 and it costs so much that it remains a obscure car and dedicated to the most passionate buyers that couldn’t afford the proper, balls-to-the-walls RS3.
  • 2.5 TFSI of 340, 367 and 400 horsepower – With the Audi RS3 you are already in the hatchback stratosphere and that car is so different from the Audi A3 8V that it deserves its own article.



  • 1.6 TDI of 115 horsepower – What was intended to be a continuation of the legendary 1.9 TDI proved to be a more sensitive engine than Simon Cowell when asked what his salary was or than Jeremy Clarkson when asked about his oppinion on the current Top Gear. Very good for backroads and highways, but every 100 meters traveled in the city clogs the particle filter, flywheel, turbo, EGR, injectors, clutch and so on. Basically, you name a car part, and 1.6 TDI will break it. It’s not as tragic as it was in the golden days of Golf VI, but you still have to keep in mind that it doesn’t go well with the city like incense does not go well with heroin.
  • 2.0 TDI  of 150 and 184 horsepower – The stratospheric, galactic 67,300 euros I got on an Audi A3 sedan came with the 2.0 TDI, 184 horsepower unit. Slightly out of the character of the Audi A3, but it is good to know that this engine exists.


1.4 TSI + 201 horsepower hybridTake the classic 1.4 TFSI (along with its problems) and connect it to an electric motor. Be very careful with electronics, charging and the fact that the automatic opening mechanism of the charging plug tends to lock and leave you stranded. But at least you can admire the toy that costs more than a Touareg. From outside.

Audi A3 8V interior almostcarreviews

Audi A3 8V General Issues

  • No VW without issues with the automatic gearbox and the Audi A3 also receives its complementary share of repairs. Pay close attention to the 7-speed S Tronic and make timely oil changes.
  • TSI and TFSI engines have been talked about more than Urma Thurman and more intensely than Tarantino vs Scorsesse or Tarantino vs Christopher Nolan or Tarantino vs journalism or Tarantino vs Tarantino… .after 2013 it is assumed that the issue with the massive oil consumption would have been solved, but it seems that the old habits die hard. They also need high quality fuel so they don’t top up from septic tanks.
  • The hood releases itself sometimes, but only slightly. The idea is that in the event of an crash and taking a pedestrian for a stroll on the hood, the hood opens slightly to protect the pedestrian. It’s just that the sensor breaks down occasionally.
  • The panoramic sunroof either locks or cracks. In any scenario, you will have to fork over quite abit of dough.
  • The MMI system that was famous on the A6 C6 for how often it doesn’t work seems to have a grandson that was mounted on the Audi A3 8V and that unit carries on the tradition. Besides, the radio is no better, so you will be forced to listen to the sound of gravel falling from the wheelbarrow generated by the 1.6 TDI.

Audi A3 8V saloon almostcarreviews

Audi A3 8V Verdict

As with Mondeo V,  the question is: Is such a car relevant today? It’s just that, unlike the dying Mondeo, hatchbacks are still in power and still fight back the cross-over. Moreover, the Audi A3 8V sedan is a smaller A4, which is a smaller A6, which is a smaller A8. However, regardless of the body you choose, the Audi A3 8V remains the premium reference hatchback, even if it can easily exceed the price of a Touareg if you are not careful about what  options you are ticking.

What engines do I recommend? For petrol, obviously everyone will barge in like it’s Black Friday in the US, for the 1.4 TFSI 125 horsepower (the one with timing belt), and for diesel I recommend the classic, established 2.0 TDI 150-horsepower. If you still insist for a diesel and blowing up your account at the same time, at least do it in style.