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Economic and environmental benefits to autorecycling.

It wasn’t long before autorecycling became part of the modern trend to reduce waste, stop global warming, and recycle more. No wonder it’s such an important part of the game, while nearly 12 million cars are recycled annually in the… Continue Reading →

Review: Renault Scenic III ( 2009 – 2016 )

Renault Scenic III, the last samurai. Renault Scenic III, was the best attendee at a party where it was just him alone. Why it’s worth buying a Scenic III, find out in today’s article.

Review: Renault Twingo II ( 2007 – 2014 )

Renault Twingo II, a continuation of the first generation Twingo or a two doors Clio ? Renault Twingo II, an almost fun almost car.

When to replace the timing kit ?

I’m starting to get more and more questions about “when to replace the timing kit ?” or “Do penguins have knees ??”. Questions that come mainly from me, for me. Plus I haven’t written anything in the Almost Mechanics section… Continue Reading →

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