It wasn’t long before autorecycling became part of the modern trend to reduce waste, stop global warming, and recycle more. No wonder it’s such an important part of the game, while nearly 12 million cars are recycled annually in the US, and nearly 8 million in Europe, which means 25 million tons of heterogeneous material recycled from old vehicles. What a great impact on the economy and environment!

What is autorecycling?

When a car is in a wrecking yard, after an accident, or if the cost of repairing the car exceeds its value, autorecycling takes place. However, what is a wreck for some, is a treasure for others. At the wrecking yard, the professionals trained in dismantling cars find all reusable parts of a vehicle, which then can be .

What is reusable? Almost everything, depending on the quality of the car and its parts, which means wheels, trunk lids, hoods, windows, seats, doors, engines, gearboxes, and many more. The best quality car parts can be then found at

What’s left after goes into the shredder, and separated into metals and steel, as well as non-recyclable plastics, glass, or rubber. Approximately 13 million new cars are produced from the steel recycled from automobiles every year in the US and Canada.

Cars in the junkyard for recycling

The benefits of autorecycling

The benefits of autorecycling are quite obvious for the economic and environmental issues, especially in the post-pandemic time, with the difficult access to steel, aluminum, and electronic car parts.

By reusing the best quality car parts, rather than producing new engines and tires, which are hard to dispose of since they cannot decompose, we reduce the environmental impact. After all, using good quality Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, you may be sure your car will drive for longer than when using Independent Aftermarket Manufacturer parts (non-original parts).

The economic boost is important here too, especially in the time of post-pandemic, when the issues with obtaining steel, aluminum and other car parts stopped manufacturers from producing cars, and let consumers wait for their cars for long months.

The impact of autorecycling on your life

When you car breaks down, and you have to replace any car part, you don’t want to use non-original parts, as you may never be sure of their quality. Yet, you don’t have enough money to buy new spare parts.

The solution is to use the service of recognised and trustworthy spare parts shops, such as Autoparts-24. If you have the VIN number of your car, or the OEM number of the car part you’re looking for, you can simply type it into the search bar to see the matching parts to your car. Be sure to buy the highest quality, approved and tested used spare parts.