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Month September 2020

Review : Audi A4 B9 ( 2015 – prezent )

Audi A4 B9, a bigger A3 or a smaller A6? Audi A4 B9, the official car of dentists who want a single car and who do not want to dive to the A6 or A8. Audi A4 B9, thank you… Continue Reading →

Review : Audi A4 B8 ( 2008 – 2016 )

Audi A4 B8, the official chariot of dentists and mid-level corporates, enters the critique ring of Almost Car Reviews today. If the Audi A4 B8 came out beaten or came out with a decent rating, we find out in today’s… Continue Reading →

Review: Audi A4 B7 ( 2004 – 2008 )

Much like the denim jacket, the Audi A4 B7 tried to come up with a mix of new and old. If this mixture of a German model came out succesful, we find out in today’s article.

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