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Review: Mitsubishi ASX GA (2010 – 2016)

I’ve written about the Mitsubishi ASX, and theoretically, it’s not exactly the first generation, because this car is being produced since time in memorial. The Mitsubishi ASX GA, the official car of the minimum effort. If this car were a… Continue Reading →

Review: Mitsubishi Outlander CW (2006 – 2012)

Mitsubishi has the habit of making brilliant cars that they then don’t bother to promote, and the Mitsubishi Outlander CW is one of those examples. What you need to know about one of the most popular SUVs, in today’s article.

Review: Mitsubishi Outlander CU (2003 – 2006)

Mitsubishi Outlander CU. Why? One of the rarest, most exclusive, and sporty cross-overs you can buy for the same money you spend in a weekend at the supermarket, enters the Almostcars arena. Mitsubishi Outlander CU, the car that dynamites your… Continue Reading →

Review : Land Rover Discovery LR4 ( 2009 – 2017 )

Land Rover Discovery LR4 is actually a facelifted Discovery L319 / LR3 and it is still one of the worst cars in terms of reliability. But with the commanding presence and size it has, does it really need reliability?

Review : Jaguar X Type ( 2001 – 2009 )

Pretty much like how Red Hot Chili Peppers launched “By the Way” in 2002, which would become one of their masterpieces, Jaguar also released Jaguar X Type in 2001, possibly the car that saved their bottoms from bankruptcy. Is it… Continue Reading →

Review : Land Rover Discovery L319 ( 2004 – 2009 )

Ladies, gentlemen, and everything in between, let’s welcome the Land Rover Discovery L319 with a round of applause, one of the heaviest modern cars and also one of the worst in terms of reliability. Land Rover Discovery L319, a car… Continue Reading →

Review : Land Rover Discovery L318 ( 1998 – 2004 )

Land Rover Discovery L318 is like Twitter or non-alcoholic water, it never really caught on in the balkans. And Land Rover Discovery L318 owners are so well informed and knowledgeable about this car that this review is more useless than… Continue Reading →

Review : Land Rover Freelander L359 ( 2006 – 2014 )

Land Rover Freelander L359, a car that started badly but finished well. If the Land Rover Freelander L359 were a series, it would be “The Office”.

Review : Land Rover Freelander L314 ( 1997 – 2006 )

Land Rover Freelander L314, the first attempt at the compact sector of the market from Land Rover. If Frankenstein had worked in the automotive industry, he would certainly have interned at Land Roer on the development of the Land Rover… Continue Reading →

Pareri : Range Rover Evoque L538 ( 2011 – 2018 )

Range Rover Evoque L538, the Ralph Lauren handbag of the automotive world. Range Rover Evoque L538, the Tommy Hilfiger of crossovers. Range Rover Evoque L538, the official car of the “PC operator” in the job description, even if they don’t… Continue Reading →

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