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Month March 2023

Review: Toyota Verso II ( 2013 – 2018 )

End of the road for possibly the dullest minivan? I wouldn’t say so, because the Toyota Verso II is a stylish minivan. Even flies under the radar of the fashion police. By the way, don’t get mad at me Joan… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Verso I ( 2009 – 2013 )

Since we’ve been talking so much about minivans, I thought it was time to start talking about the minivan of one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers and so I’ll start with the Toyota Verso I.

Review: Toyota IQ ( 2008 – 2015 )

Bigger than a Smart ForTwo but more expensive than a Yaris. The Toyota IQ might sound intelligent but it’s for almost intelligent people.

Review: BMW X1 E84 ( 2009 – 2015 )

If the 1 Series was the aspirational BMW when it launched, the BMW X1 E84 is not only the aspirational BMW SUV but is one of the aspirational SUVs period. And yet, what’s the deal with this 3 Series on… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota C-HR ( 2016 – present )

Toyota C-HR, the spiritual succesor to the defunct Toyota Urban Cruiser. Urban what? That’s what I thought. And yet the Toyota C-HR has sold more than Twisted Sister’s concert tickets, with the clientele being about the same age. But is… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Rav4 XA50 ( 2018 – present )

Like any true european, when I see a large mass of people gathering anymore, I go to see what it’s all about. Maybe I get something out of it. A bucket of flour, a free phone, something. But usually, I… Continue Reading →

Review: Dacia Spring ( 2019 – present )

Some say this car is a failure and you’ll roll over and die at the first gust of wind. Others say it’s all the car you need. All we know is that the Dacia Spring is the cheapest electric car… Continue Reading →

Review: Mercedes ML W166 ( 2011 – 2019 )

Mercedes ML W166 is the last ML in non-facelift version and Mercedes GLE in facelift version. So, what car exactly am I writing about???

Review: BMW X3 F25 ( 2010 – 2018 )

BMW X3 F25, the transition from wheelbarrow with a steering wheel to a posh chariot. If the first X3 was a curiosity, here’s the BMW X3 F25, rolled out of bed, dressed up, and showed up.

Review: BMW 5 Series GT ( 2009 – 2017 )

Many consider the BMW 5 Series GT to be the ugliest BMW of the modern era. They prolly never heard of the E65. Personally, it’s my favorite BMW and the irony is that the BMW 5 Series GT is the… Continue Reading →

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