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Month October 2020

Review : BMW 5 Series E60 ( 2003 – 2010 )

BMW 5 Series E60, a model that is as much contested as it is loved by wide-necks-short-foreheads, as well as by businessmen or the top management of the corporate world. One of the most controversial BMWs in recent history, enters… Continue Reading →

Review : BMW 5 Series E39 ( 1995 – 2003 )

BMW 5 Series E39, the car that cemented BMW’s reputation and showed the world what an almost perfect car is about. But is a BMW 5 Series E39 still relevant in 2020? We find out in the answer, in today’s… Continue Reading →

When to replace the timing kit ?

I’m starting to get more and more questions about “when to replace the timing kit ?” or “Do penguins have knees ??”. Questions that come mainly from me, for me. Plus I haven’t written anything in the Almost Mechanics section… Continue Reading →

Review : BMW 3 Series F30 ( 2011 – 2019 )

BMW 3 Series F30, the official chariot for entry-level rich. BMW 3 Series F30, a smaller BMW 5 Series F10. BMW 3 Series F30, a one trick pony. Or a one trick car, mind you.

Review : BMW 3 Series E90 ( 2004 – 2013 )

The BMW 3 Series E90 was a turning point for BMW, it was the car that made the transition from “Ultimate Driving Machine” to “Efficient Dynamics”. BMW’s last huurah to maintain the 3 Series as the absolute benchmark for driving… Continue Reading →

Reviews : BMW 3 Series E46 ( 1998 – 2005 )

BMW 3 Series E46, one of the most legendary models in the history of the Bavarian manufacturer. A car loved by both car enthusiasts, chavs and music of dubious intelligence enthusiasts, the BMW 3 Series E46 still has it’s charm… Continue Reading →

Review : BMW 3 Series E36 ( 1990 – 2000 )

Now it’s time to take the bull by the horns, here it’s time to talk about the BMW 3 Series. And what better starting point than the BMW E36, the BMW that costs as much as a phone? BMW E36… Continue Reading →

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