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Month August 2022

Review: Opel Astra G ( 1998 – 2009 )

Opel Astra G. Much like with damp, no matter what you do, you can’t get rid of it. And you live with it for over 20 years and you know you won’t get rid of it anytime soon. The same… Continue Reading →

Review: Opel Vectra C ( 2002 – 2008 )

Opel Vectra C, this mammoth car that was forgotten by most people. Does the Opel Vectra C still have something to prove in 2018? Is it a worthy used car to buy? The answer to these questions can be found… Continue Reading →

Review: Opel Vectra B ( 1995 – 2002 )

 Yes, ladies, ladies, gentlemen, and everything in between, the legendary Opel Vectra B enters the AlmostCars ring.

Review: Renault Scenic IV ( 2016 – present )

Renault Scenic IV, bigger-bigger-than-a-Captur-smaller-than-a-Kadjar. Renault Scenic IV, a new look, a new concept. But is it worth your money?

Review: Renault Scenic III ( 2009 – 2016 )

Renault Scenic III, the last samurai. Renault Scenic III, was the best attendee at a party where it was just him alone. Why it’s worth buying a Scenic III, find out in today’s article.

Review: Renault Scenic II ( 2003 – 2009 )

Renault Scenic II is another car that contributed to Renault’s fabulous reputation for reliability. Renault Scenic II, that fan who comes to the game just for the violence.

Review: Renault Talisman I ( 2015 – present )

Renault Talisman I, because the French didn’t know if they wanted to continue the Laguna line or go imperial Latitude bonkers, so they did both. Here’s why the Renault Talisman I is more than a Megane IV+.

Review: Renault Fluence ( 2009 – 2016 )

You’d think a Renault Fluence is just a Megane with a boot. And you would be wrong in your judgement. Here’s why in an article worthy of CSI investigations.

Review: Renault Koleos I ( 2007 – 2016 )

Renault Koleos I, a brilliant car that nobody bought. So why would you buy it? Renault Koleos I, the SimGolf of the car world.

Review: Renault Kangoo I ( 1997 – 2009 )

Even though it’s a car we see in traffic, we tend to ignore the Renault Kangoo I JUST LIKE MY BOSS IGNORED ME WHEN I TOLD HIM I’D RECEIVED A BETTER DEAL SOMEWHERE ELSE AND NOW HE TELLS ME HE’S… Continue Reading →

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