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Review: Audi A5 8T ( 2007 – 2016 )

The Mercedes CLK hasn’t retired, it’s been reincarnated as the Audi A5 8T. Audi A5 8T, a cheaper Mercedes CLS. Audi A5 8T, an A4 B8 that missed reliability hours. And yet, what made the Audi A5 8T so popular?

Review: Audi A7 4G ( 2010 – 2018 )

Do you have too much money for an Audi A5 and is an Audi A6 too plain for you? Don’t want a CLS that is rusting out of the factory gate? Then the Audi A7 4G is the answer for… Continue Reading →

Review: Audi TT 8J ( 2006 – 2014 )

Audi TT 8J, the car that improves on the original recipe and takes it to Michelin stars. And to Michelin tires, given how it can eat up tires. Audi TT 8J, the car for barbers without friends.

Review: Audi TT 8N ( 1998 – 2006 )

Audi TT 8N, the first Audi car sportier than Roger Federer, if Roger Federer only had two doors. Is it worth this sensation on wheels in 2022?

Review: Audi A4 80 ( 1991 – 1996 )

There are some articles that are ok for the public, there are some articles that are editorial prostitution and then there are the articles I write for myself. And the Audi A4 80 is in the latter category.

Review : Skoda Superb II (2008 – 2015)

If the first generation of Superb was something like “A New Hope”, the Skoda Superb II is “The Empire Strikes Back” and is revolutionizing the entire Skoda brand. Here’s what you need to know when buying one of the most… Continue Reading →

Review : Audi Q5 8R ( 2008 – 2017 )

Ahh, Audi Q5 8R, the official car of fur-wearing ladies and leather hat wearing old people who want social status and nothing else. But how good is the Audi Q5 8R as a car? Let’s find out in today’s article.

Review : Audi Q7 I ( 2006 – 2015 )

Audi Q7 I, the official car mobster car of 2008. I once saw Catalin Botezatu’s Q7s in the same way he sees what is behind the underwear of the models from his fashion house. Audi Q7 I, I guess I’ll… Continue Reading →

Review: Audi A8 D4 ( 2012 – 2017 )

If you look at it from a distance, the Audi A8 D4 is pretty much a bigger A6. And if you look even further, an Audi A6 is a bigger A4. Basically, the Audi A8 D4 is an A4 XXL…. Continue Reading →

Review: Audi A8 D3 ( 2002 – 2009 )

Audi A8 D3, the wide-necked-narrow-forehead car with aspirations. The official mobster charriot at the time when the SUV was not fashionable because we have to wait a few more years until then. At the moment we only have one contraption… Continue Reading →

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