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Month September 2022

Review: VW Golf III ( 1992 – 1997 )

So I can’t take it anymore. If I don’t write about the VW Golf III I can feel my nut swelling (I only got 1). If I don’t write now I feel like that. VW Golf III – one of… Continue Reading →

Review: VW Phaeton I ( 2003 – 2011 )

Ferdinand Piech’s retirement gift, the VW Phaeton I. One of Volkswagen’s biggest automotive failures. But the reality is that this car wasn’t necessarily built to be sold.

Review: Ford Cougar ( 1998 – 2002 )

Does anyone remember the old Ford Cougar? Probably not. But at least it was a decent attempt at a Grand Tourer from Ford.

Review: VW Touareg 7P ( 2010 – 2018 )

If the first generation Touareg was the official car of mobsters who were too big  to fit in in the back of a 5-series, the VW Touareg 7P has totally changed its image and become an excellent family car. VW… Continue Reading →

Review: VW Touareg 7L ( 2002 – 2010 )

VW Touareg 7L, the official car of the dubious chaps who have more tattoos than years of school, swords, and phone numbers that will instantly bring in a brigade of noir locals who will strip you like chicken.

Review: Opel Calibra ( 1989 – 1997 )

I was sitting there scratching my ass, watching youtube videos from local internet stars and I said – let it be Opel Calibra.

Review: VW EOS ( 2006 – 2015 )

VW EOS. Because you deserve it. And maybe because a Golf convertible just seems like a lazy attempt to grab some more cash. Either way, the VW EOS enters the Almost Cars ring because it’s still a relevant car on… Continue Reading →

Review: Opel Adam ( 2013 – 2019 )

Opel Adam, the smallest Opel car in recent history. Why don’t we see them on the road much? Find out the truth about the Opel Adam as well as the mystery of the Del cheese products, in today’s article.

Review: Opel Zafira Tourer ( 2011 – 2018 )

Opel Zafira Tourer or Opel Zafira C , the end of the line for Opel and MPV in general. Goodbye vans with windows, you won’t be mourned.

Review: Opel Omega B ( 1994 – 2003 )

Opel Omega B. A reliable, sporty, rear-wheel-drive luxury Opel designed to take on the mid-class barge segment? Yes, there really was such an Opel at some point in time. But will there still be an Opel Omega B worth it… Continue Reading →

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