Does anyone remember the old Ford Cougar? Probably not. But at least it was a decent attempt at a Grand Tourer from Ford.

As I said in the Puma article, the Ford Cougar came with the “New Edge” design language and wanted to take our eyes and money. Except that the Puma sold in the billions, while the Ford Cougar remained just a curiosity that sold just over 10 thousand units. As a result, in 2001 production stopped and in 2002 the last remaining units were sold.


Why was it a bigger failure than my career in IT?

The Ford Cougar was not the sportiest car possible and it was also too expensive for thrill-seekers, especially when you had the cheaper, more agile, and more reliable Ford Puma. The Cougar was not necessarily a getaway car but a cruiser, more in the style of the Mercedes CLK only cheaper. Or the Peugeot 406, I think that was the Cougar’s closest rival. Or maybe the Calibra. In any case, people who wanted cars like that also wanted a bespoke badge (what the Mercedes CLK had) or at least a bespoke look (what the Peugeot 406 had). Plus you were also limited in engine options because you essentially only had 2 petrols so if you wanted a diesel that went a long way with a little, you had to go elsewhere like the Peugeot 406. Personally, I like the design, but it seems the general verdict was negative so they sent it home.


Ford Cougar Engines


  • 2.0 MPI of 125 horsepower – Not really bought because it’s a walk-but-not-run type of engine so the car looks like it can but in reality, it doesn’t really. In any case, if you’re not rushing anywhere, it’s a great engine.
  • 2.5 V6 of 170 horsepower  – All the fun here. Because at one point they retired the 2.0 MPI due to abysmal sales and the 2.5 V6 Duratec was the only engine available. Easy to get it up to 200 horsepower and if you have enough money you can even get it up to 480 horsepower, this engine is relatively reliable. Note that the water pump has plastic blades and you’re best looking for a metal aftermarket solution. And the second point of interest is the bolt that fries like Untold.


Ford Cougar General Issues

  • Just like Bonnie M’s musical record, the Ford Cougar was a limited edition so it will be quite hard to find parts whether we’re talking about breakers or aftermarket, or even OEM.
  • Visibility is poor from any angle and perspective you look at. Salma Hayek could be playing backgammon with Lord Lucas on the trunk and you wouldn’t have a clue.
  • The seats aren’t the most comfortable possible so take a test drive over 50 meters to make sure you can get along with those seats.


Ford Cougar Verdict

A car slightly forgotten by the passage of time and rightly so. It didn’t impress with much, the looks were questionable and it wasn’t a fun or very powerful car. Plus it always had the Puma thorn standing like a boner in the ribs. However, if you have a weird Mondeo coupe fetish, then the Cougar is for you. Otherwise, there’s the Peugeot 406 Coupe.



What engines do you recommend? Definitely, the 170bhp 2.5 V6 Duratec, possibly taken to as much horsepower as possible.