If the first generation Touareg was the official car of mobsters who were too big  to fit in in the back of a 5-series, the VW Touareg 7P has totally changed its image and become an excellent family car. VW Touareg 7P is perhaps the most reliable VW of recent times.

It’s not like the first generation Touareg was a bad car. On the contrary, even today you still see billions of Touaregs on the road, especially with 2.5 TDI engines. But what about the VW Touareg 7P? It’s a much rarer presence on the streets of our incontinent.

That’s because it looks much more discreet and is much more family-oriented. If you drink enough, you can see that a VW Touareg 7P is a Passat B7 on steroids. Still built on the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne platform, the Touareg remains the most tame of them all, coming with just 5 seats and an excellent 3.0 TDI. A very discreet car for the family man who spends a lot of money, even if you never know what he’s up to. Because the Touareg is still a very expensive car to maintain. Just because it’s reliable doesn’t mean it’s cheap. 


VW Touareg 7P Engines


3.6 V6 FSI of 280 horsepower – The last petrol-powered Mohican, this engine was retired in 2014 and the VW Touareg 7P was left with diesel engines only. It probably makes sense for this move too, too few people have bought a petrol Touareg 7L anyway. Lacking any notable issues.


  • 3.0 TDI with 204, 236, 245, and 262 horsepower – So many engines for one car. A reliable engine but expensive to maintain. If you want to change the timing chains, for example, you can expect anywhere from 1000 to 2500 euros. Occasionally it may have water pump and injector issues, but issues are rare with the VW Touareg 7P. The only notable issue is with the EGR, but otherwise, you shouldn’t have any surprises. So let’s take them one at a time. The 204 horsepower engine came on the “Mountain” version, aka the version for the “poor” who only had 40,000 euros on them when they bought it. Unlike the 245 horsepower version, the power range is in the 1650 – 1750 rpm range, so you have very little room to play with. The 245 horsepower one has a power range in the 1750 – 2850 rpm range so it’s much more elastic. In 2014 comes the 262 horsepower version which kicks them both in the nuts. There’s also the 236 horsepower engine, but that was built for Russia. But with the way luxury cars are stolen these days, you’re likely to find one of these in our country too.
  • 4.2 V8 of 340 horsepower – Also an engine reserved for Eastern Europe and one that hasn’t really shown its face in the civilised Europe. Anyway, VW played all it’s cards on the 3.0 TDI engine just like BMW gambled everything on the 3 Series with the 2-liter diesel engine.


3.0 V6 Turbo + electric 380 horsepower total – The same VW 2.0 TFSI we’re used to on Audi A4 B8 engines, but stretched to 3 liters. Wouldn’t be the biggest timing chain issue on this engine as much as the rarity of this model. Not necessarily a bad car, but good luck finding mechanics for something like this. The VW Touareg 7P Hybrid sold as well as most hybrids back when hybrids were just another car in a brochure. Let no one say that VW doesn’t think about the environment. And they thought about greening the Touareg. Of all the cars possible. But atleast it helps you out on taxes and privileged parking, because you care about the environment. 


VW Touareg 7P General Issues

  • The ZF 7-speed automatic transmission needs an oil change every 100,000 km. The VW people will insist it doesn’t need changing and will be willing to eat their shoes to prove it, but it’s good to wish them “Bon appétit!” because an oil change removes the built-up junk and extends the life of the gearbox.
  • For those who want to tow the heavy stuff, they should take care to buy a VW-authorized hook and possibly a bigger air suspension compressor. The standard compressor on the VW Touareg 7P is set up for family life.
  • The air suspension should be kept in the standard position. Any change in position puts stress on the airbags and compressor, so it’s best to only work on them when you need to, not lift them up to see the rest(s) of the traffic from even higher position.


VW Touareg 7P Verdict

A tight VW branded car. A family car that does just that, brilliantly. It lacks the muscle and speed of the first generation, but that’s because you don’t need a 5.0 V10 TDI when you go on holiday with the family anyway, otherwise, the little ones will decorate your interior windows with what they ate a few hours before. Yes, it’s a boring-looking, boring performing car, but it’s the essence of VW – a car that’s great at everything, exceptional at nothing. VW Touareg 7P – the VW Golf of the luxury SUV world. 

Which engine do I recommend? If you want a VW Touareg 7P but don’t have the money for a Touareg, then the “Mountain” version with a 204 horsepower 3.0 TDI and spring suspension may be cheaper to maintain than you’d imagine. If you still want a full Touareg, then the 245 or 262 horsepower 3.0 TDI and air suspension. Goodbye Mr. Prime Minister!