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Month March 2022

Review : Audi Q3 I ( 2011 – 2018 )

Audi Q3 I, a posher Tiguan but reserved only for those with lots of money. Audi Q3 I, “I have too much money for a Tiguan but I don’t really want to take the plunge towards a Q5”.

Review : Audi Q7 I ( 2006 – 2015 )

Audi Q7 I, the official car mobster car of 2008. I once saw Catalin Botezatu’s Q7s in the same way he sees what is behind the underwear of the models from his fashion house. Audi Q7 I, I guess I’ll… Continue Reading →

Review: Audi A8 D4 ( 2012 – 2017 )

If you look at it from a distance, the Audi A8 D4 is pretty much a bigger A6. And if you look even further, an Audi A6 is a bigger A4. Basically, the Audi A8 D4 is an A4 XXL…. Continue Reading →

Review: Audi A8 D3 ( 2002 – 2009 )

Audi A8 D3, the wide-necked-narrow-forehead car with aspirations. The official mobster charriot at the time when the SUV was not fashionable because we have to wait a few more years until then. At the moment we only have one contraption… Continue Reading →

Review : Audi A8 D2 ( 1994 – 2002 )

Let the battle of the premium class sedans begin, at least that’s what the Germans set out to do with the Audi A8 D2 and they had such great aspirations that they wanted to get their hands around the necks… Continue Reading →

Review : Audi A1 8X ( 2010 – 2018 )

Got money for a VW Passat but still want something smaller? Is VW Golf too cheap for you? Don’t have money for an Audi A3 but still want an Audi? Then the Audi A1 8X solves your existential car dilemma…. Continue Reading →

Review : Audi A3 8V ( 2012 – 2019 )

Audi A3 8V, the third generation of Audi A3 enters the Almost Car Reviews ring. But does it still have the same charm as before or is it time for it to get a loyalty card at a chain of… Continue Reading →

Review : Audi A3 8P ( 2003 – 2012 )

Audi A3 8P, one of the best-selling cars from Germoney. Audi A3 8P, the premium car of the common man. Why it sold so well and what you should look out for when buying a used one, you can find… Continue Reading →

Review : Audi A3 8L ( 1996 – 2003 )

One of the oldest cars which enters the Almost Cars arena, the Audi A3 8L is the sort of car you buy just for the badge. Find out why in today’s article.

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