Like a college sophomore, the Ford Mondeo is one of the first to arrive at party and one of the last to leave. What challenges must the Ford Mondeo V face in these troubled times, we find out in today’s article.

Ford Mondeo V is the latest generation in a long line of saloons which have dominated the automotive industry for many years. Originally launched in 1992, the Ford Mondeo instantly stood out for its interior space, dynamic performance and low price. As for the second-hand market, Mondeo has always lived in the shadow of the VW Passat, being just as good but with a much lower price.

What challenges does the Ford Mondeo V have to face?

Unfortunately, the era of the saloons is at it’s end. Just as Windows XP got retired, as cell phones gave up on buttons, as Sir Stevo Timothy withdrew from the spotlight, so the saloon retreats into the annals (haha, anal) of history. The saloon is in the same situation as Nokia in 2013: Even though it is very good as a concept, times have simply changed. We live in times when all cars transform into cross-overs or SUVs, we live in times when all cars give the sensation that they can go on something other than asphalt, but only give the sensation. The high seating position, the ability to go over the potholes and curbs and the illusion of superiority in the social hierarchy have led people flock to these market segments that are exploding. All these arguments are against the classic saloon, which must be elegant, big and low, even if in 2020 it is too big for the city and too low for the potholes. This proves once again that the only eternal thing in the world is Betty White.

What does the Mondeo V bring new compared to the previous generations?

  • The Ford Mondeo IV is one of my favorite cars, so I would have expected a leap from the next generation. Indeed, the only major leap was on the exterior, which is worthy of adult films. First hand. By far, the strongest argument of the Ford Mondeo V to be bought.
  • Much like a doctor, the Ford Mondeo gradually grew bigger over time. If the Ford Mondeo III is longer than the first generation X5, the Ford Mondeo V in the station wagon flavor is almost a Range Rover from 2006-2008 sized. I don’t think I have to say that a car of this size will have big problems in the city.
  • Unfortunately, the Ford Mondeo V is no longer as dynamic as previous generations, given that now it goes with normal suspension and electric power assisted steering. A sign that Ford is preparing the grave for the saloon.

Ford Mondeo V Engines


  • 1.0 EcoBoost of 125 horsepower – We talked about this engine in the article about the Ford Focus III. Even if by 2014 most issues were solved, the engine is much too small for the Mondeo. It’s like putting Betty White as a truck driver. It’s like taking Graham Norton and sending him off to work the fields. It’s like trying to get drunk on radler beer.
  • 1.5 EcoBoost of 160 horsepower – A surprisingly good engine, being one of the few supercharged petrols that actually work. There aren’t even any specific issues related to it so go for it.
  • 2.0 EcoBoost of 203 and 204 horsepower – Called to duty from the previous generation, this fantastic engine is not for the faint of heart. If you want to save money, forget about this engine. Marry your accountant. But don’t take this engine lightly.


  • 1.5 TDCI of 120 horsepower – Once they parted ways with PSA, Ford revived the old 1.4 TDCI and brought it as the new 1.5 TDCI. Serious issues on the EGR side. I would write about the health of this engine, but I don’t have enough space on the internet.
  • 1.6 TDCI of 115 horsepower – The same 1.6 HDI we’ve been used to so far. Unlike 1.0 ecoBoost which is kind of a Graham Norton doing construction work, 1.6 TDCI is Graham Norton doing construction work after eating watermelon, drinking beer and doing jumping jacks. In any case, this failed attempt of an engine was forcibly retired in 2016 by 1.5 TDCI.
  • 2.0 TDCI of 150 and 180 horsepower – Yes, the same 2.0 HDI, only now it is a mature engine with increased reliability. It is felt that the Americans and the French have focused on this engine, as the problems are less than in the past. However, the 2.0 TDCI engine in the 150 horsepower version is the most balanced choice for the Ford Mondeo V, as the 180 one is not so great.
  • 2.0 TDCI 210 horsepower Bi-Turbo – The most powerful engine in the range, which unfortunately is tied to the disastrous PowerShift automatic transmission. It’s like being paralyzed in bed in paradise.


2.0 Atkinson +  electric motor of 187 horsepower – The first Mondeo hybrid, unfortunately it only comes with a CVT automatic transmission, which somehow manages to be worse than the Powershift.

Ford Mondeo V General Issues

  • If you expect of modern diesel engines to be quiet, then you will have a bigger surprise than if James May called me in person. The diesels on the Ford Mondeo V sound like gravel falling from the wheelbarrow, to the ecstasy of billions of slavs who believe that “the engine must sound manly”.
  • The car is full of technology and electronics. Ford, technology, electrical stuff, what’s wrong with this combo? I leave it to you to think about it.
  • In 2018 there was a massive recall for all Ford models powered by the 2.0 TDCI engine, the star being the oil pump. Therefore, it is important to check whether the Mondeo in question went to the dealership for the recall or not.
  • The PowerShift automatic transmission, mounted on diesel engines, is still a work of art in the negative sense of the word.

Ford Mondeo V Verdict

The latest generation Ford Mondeo has a difficult mission to accomplish. In a hostile climate, where everyone buys SUVs or high-end stuff, is there still room for the classic sedan? Even Ford has announced that it will give up all cars other than SUVs or vans. Is this Mondeo the last hurrah? Is this the end of the line for the American sedan?

What is certain is that the Ford Mondeo V has the looks going for it, being by far the most beautiful in its class. And on the reliability side, it reached an average level, not because Ford worked on reliability, but because the rest were left to their own devices.

Whether we will see a new version of the Ford Mondeo or not remains to be seen. All we can do is enjoy one of the last big (literally) sedans in Europe. Do I have to repeat the fact that Ford Mondeo V looks like Sofia Vergara while fighting in the mud with Christina Hendricks, while the referee is Darth Vader and in the background he sings AC/DC?