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Month July 2020

Review : Opel Astra J ( 2009 – 2015 )

Opel Astra J, one of the few cars where I struggle to find a purpose for. Here’s why, in today’s article which is far from being the most enthusiastic text you’ll see coming from Almost Car Reviews.

Review : Opel Astra H ( 2004 – 2009 )

Of the holy thrinity of the middle compact car segment, the Opel Astra H has always been the cheapest and most problematic of the bunch. It’s just that time has shown that competing models aren’t that reliable either. If your… Continue Reading →

Review: VW CC ( 2013 – 2018 )

VW CC, so you don’t get tired of writing Passat. VW CC, so you don’t get confused about what car you’re driving. VW CC, an almost facelift.

Review: VW Passat CC ( 2008 – 2013 )

Are you too young for a Passat but too poor for an Audi A5? Are you passionate to death about VW and even want a sports car from a manufacturer not very sporty? VW Passat CC, the Passat of people… Continue Reading →

Review : VW Passat B8 ( 2014 – 2020 )

Since the new generation of the most popular car among slavs who want to prove that they are wealthy but they can’t quite afford the full platter was announced in 20-20, it’s time to look at the VW Passat B8.

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