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Month December 2022

Review: Mercedes R Class ( 2006 – 2013 )

Sure, the Mercedes R Class looks like an ML on which another ML fell over and got slightly flattened, but the story doesn’t end there. For a long time, the Mercedes R Class sat up high in the tree as… Continue Reading →

Review: Mercedes S Class W222 ( 2013 – 2020 )

With the Mercedes S Class W222, we seem to be back in the 2000s. We have big and imposing boats but we also have the Mercedes reliability of the early 2000s. Mercedes S Class W222, a drug in car form. 

Review: Mercedes S Class W221 ( 2006 – 2013 )

Mercedes S Class W221, a car that’s still relevant even 8 years after it ended production. Has Mercedes learned anything and made the Mercedes S Class W221 another worthy chapter in the history of it’s flagship?

Review: Mercedes S Class W140 ( 1991 – 1998 )

I’ll have to be very careful with what I write about the Mercedes S Class W140, otherwise I’ll get home tonight in multiple bodybags. First arrives a hand, then a leg, and so on. Or maybe the Mercedes S Class… Continue Reading →

Review: Mercedes ML W164 ( 2005 – 2011 )

Mercedes ML W164 or how to carry the torch successfully. Even though the W163 has remained a car for the cash-strapped gypsy kings and towing enthusiasts, the Mercedes ML W164 is still a popular car. Is it worth the money… Continue Reading →

Review: Mercedes Sprinter II ( 2006 – 2018 )

The naysayers will say that the Mercedes Sprinter II isn’t as good as the previous gen, but the reality is that you have to move on with the times. 

Review: Mercedes Sprinter I ( 1995 – 2006 )

Mercedes Sprinter I, the official car that carried about the eastern europeans to the West and their parcels on a monthly basis. And certainly would have gone into space if there was a method, that’s how much mileage the Sprinter… Continue Reading →

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