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Review : Skoda Superb II (2008 – 2015)

If the first generation of Superb was something like “A New Hope”, the Skoda Superb II is “The Empire Strikes Back” and is revolutionizing the entire Skoda brand. Here’s what you need to know when buying one of the most… Continue Reading →

Review : Skoda Superb I (2001 – 2008)

We talked about the genesis of Skoda as a german brand, and today we talk about the genesis of Skoda as a brand with premium aspirations: Skoda Superb I. How it was born, how it grew, how it retired, all… Continue Reading →

Review : VW Polo 6R ( 2009 – 2017 )

VW Polo 6R, the rural cousin, forgotten by time and civilization. VW Polo 6R, the car designed in 5 minutes during a break. VW Polo 6R, the official car of the entry-level sales agents.

Review : VW Polo 9n ( 2001 – 2009 )

We open the car reviews section with a little giant, a forgotten chapter in the history of VW. Like a cousin from the country you want to forget about because he is hardworking but slightly slow, the topic of today’s… Continue Reading →

Review : VW Polo 6n ( 1994 – 2002 )

I don’t know if I exit the city in one of these, but the VW Polo 6n is one of the cheapest city cars, both for deliveries and for commuting to and from work. But we really got to the… Continue Reading →

Review : VW Tiguan 5N ( 2007 – 2017 )

VW Tiguan 5N, the official car of the european middle class soccer mom. VW Tiguan 5N, that cross-over that goes by the motto “in life it matters to look good rather than to be good”. VW Tiguan 5N, one of… Continue Reading →

Review : Nissan Qashqai II ( 2013 – 2021 )

Nissan Qashqai II, that sort of person who comes up with a brilliant business idea but forgets it the next day. Nissan Qashqai II, the car of unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions.

Review: Nissan Qashqai I ( 2007 – 2014 )

Toyota Rav4 may have invented cross-overs, but Nissan Qashqai defined the genre of cross-overs. Nissan Qashqai I is the sort of car you buy when you want a cross-over, but you don’t necessarily know what you want. But is it… Continue Reading →

Review : Skoda Octavia III (2013 – 2019)

The time has come for the Skoda Octavia III to shine on this digital septic tank. But the Skoda Octavia III is no longer that forgotten cousin from the countryside, today it is a mature car, ready to take the… Continue Reading →

Review : Skoda Octavia II facelift (2009 – 2013)

In 2009 the Skoda Octavia II was transformed from the official car “I am 40 years old, 2 children, a decent job and I gave up my dreams” into the official car of the aspirational sales agent. In 2009 the… Continue Reading →

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