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Month June 2023

Review : Jeep Renegade ( 2014 – present )

The Italians have a really interesting habit of making good cars but not marketing them at all and keeping them to themselves. Fiat Bravo, Lancia Delta, and so on. And today’s victim is the Jeep Renegade.

Review: Suzuki Jimny III ( 1998 – 2018 )

Oh yes, the Suzuki Jimny III. A lot of people were probably expecting a slightly altered review of the Suzuki Jimny III and that’s because the Suzuki Jimny is an almost car.

Review: Suzuki Vitara IV ( 2015 – present )

Suzuki Vitara IV, the official car of those who just want it to look successful, they don’t necessarily want it to be successful. Why does the Suzuki Vitara IV sell better than german action tapes and why is it one… Continue Reading →

Review: Suzuki Grand Vitara II ( 2005 – 2014 )

Suzuki Grand Vitara II, because you can’t call it Vitara II or Vitara III or Vitara+. No, Suzuki Grand Vitara II. The only thing grand about this car is the price and I don’t understand why.

Review: Suzuki Baleno II ( 2015 – 2020)

If the Mitsubishi Lancer is the European Camry, the Suzuki Baleno II is the Asian Dacia Sandero. Or you can look at it as a more practical, mellowed out and cheaper Swift.

Review: Suzuki Ignis II ( 2016 – present )

Suzuki Ignis II, the cheapest modern Suzuki. And the cheapest 4×4 on European the market. And the cheapest hybrid on the market. And the cheapest 4×4 hybrid on the market. How did they pull it off?

Review: Suzuki Ignis I ( 2002 – 2008 )

Suzuki Ignis I or more like Suzuki Swift+? Wrong, the Suzuki Ignis I is the official “it can happen to the best of us” car. Still, it remains an excellent urban warrior and somewhat off-road capable small car.

Review: Toyota Auris II ( 2013 – 2019 )

Toyota Auris II is a car as similar to the previous generation as the similarity between Donatella Versace pre-suregery and post-surgery. If Toyota Auris II were a person, it would be Steve Buscemi in the movie “30 Rock”.

Review : Mazda 6 GG ( 2002 – 2008 )

Mazda 6 GG? Why not a Ford Mondeo III, a Passat B6, a BMW E39, a Toyota Avensis, a Ford Fusion II or an Audi A4 B7? Really now, why a Mazda 6 GG?

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