Suzuki Swace represents the return to origins for the automotive industry. But is there still room for simple, efficient machines that do their job decently and represent the word “practical” on wheels?

Suzuki Swace is the second collaboration attempt between Suzuki and Toyota, the first being Suzuki Across and Toyota Rav4. And here we have the Suzuki Swace which is actually a Toyota Corolla Touring with a different badge. It’s just that, unlike the Rav4, an inverse logic was applied because in Japan there was no middle ground.

If the Across comes only in the Rav4’s top spec and costs a mind-boggling 50,000 pounds, the Suzuki Swace is a cheaper Corolla Touring. Much more cheaper. At the time I ejected this literary calamity, the Suzuki Swace costs 5000 pounds less than the Toyota Corolla Touring. And for what Suzuki Swace represents, 5000 pounds is everything.

What are the differences and why should I buy a Swace instead of a Corolla?

First of all, we have the equipment level, logically. Suzuki Swace receives only the basic technologies and leaves the bells and whistles for the Corolla Touring. I would differentiate them but there are too many to write and I’m lazy. But in essence Swace has the basic trim level and does not have sports packages and other unnecessary toys. Plus the Suzuki Swace comes strictly with the famous 1.8 hybrid and 122 horsepower, while the Corolla also has a 2.0 hybrid with 196 horsepower to play around with. But then again, if you’re the kind of person who looks at Suzuki Swace, you don’t care too much about power. It doesn’t even emit smoke, so you can say it has power.


Suzuki Swace front side almostcarreviews

And then there is the issue of warranty. Toyota offers a standard warranty of 6 years or 120,000 miles / 200,000 km, and Suzuki offers a standard warranty of 3 years or 60,000 miles / 100,000 kms. It’s just that at the time I wrote this artistic regret, Suzuki also offers an extra warranty of another 7 years or 60,000 miles / 100,000 km strictly for hybrid models, including the Suzuki Swace. Only it presents it as 3+7. Which, coincidentally or not, is exactly what Toyota offers in Western Europe as a guarantee for hybrid models, 10 years or 200,000 km. I wonder why we offer only 6 years.

Therefore, we have a simple, reliable, fully functional car. A kind of modern-day Passat B4, if you can call it that. A simple, classic car that’s reliable and economical, has a 10-year warranty and comes standard in the form of a station wagon. Basically, what more do you want from it? I know what else you want, a badge to show the peasants that you are sitting on the dough. But instead with a Suzuki, you won’t impress anyone.


Suzuki Swace rear almostcarreviews

Suzuki Swace Engines


1.8 hybrid petrol 2ZR-FXE of 122 horsepower – The same 1.8 hybrid used effectively everywhere in the Toyota group and which was also recycled on the Suzuki Swace. It’s an old-fashioned engine, it’s not part of the M20A or M15A generation like the new Yaris or Rav4, but that also means that it has most of the issues solved. There are still occasional issues  with the Valvematic and the oil consumption at galactic mileages, but it is very unlikely that you will get there. Oh yes, and you also have the fact that the battery cannot be charged directly from another car in case you are left empty-handed in the parking lot, but a trickle charger must be used.


Suzuki Swace interior almostcarreviews

Suzuki Swace Reliability Issues

  • The CVT type automatic gearbox is taken from Toyota and in general people look at CVT gearboxes in the same way as old people look at broccoli haircuts. It’s just that the Suzuki Swace is not a sports car at all, and somehow the CVT box feels like it’s from there.
  • The infotainment system is the cheapest possible option they found in 2023, just to pass the class and that’s it. Toyota’s infotainment units are generally slightly outdated, but the one on the Suzuki Swace is from the time of Ketama. Or the original Rav4.
  • The 600 litre boot is below the class average, which would be quite important for the typical Swace buyer.
  • You have two equipment levels and that’s it. But at least you know that you live a simple life and don’t complicate things. Don’t stress the white hair on your head with details. You have no choice and studied 3 days and 3 nights between the 5 equipment levels on the Corolla. Here you only have two.


Suzuki Swace front almostcarreviews

Suzuki Swace Verdict

If you want a classic family car, simple and utilitarian, Suzuki Swace is the best offer on the market at the moment. But are we still interested in utilitarian? Are we still interested in a simple, robust and efficient car, but which does not stand out with anything? It’s a car with which you can do your job and that’s it. But it is exceptionally good at being a car “to do your job with and that’s it”. It reminds me a lot of the first Dacia Logan. A simple, cheap and reliable car for people who want a car strictly to go from A to B, with minimal costs.


Which engines do I recommend? Really.