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Review : Suzuki Swace ( 2020 – present )

Suzuki Swace represents the return to origins for the automotive industry. But is there still room for simple, efficient machines that do their job decently and represent the word “practical” on wheels?

Review : Kia Sportage KM ( 2004 – 2010 )

Kia Sportage, a Tucson from Kia? An taller version of the Elantra? All we know is that a Kia Sportage KM is one of the best entry-level SUVs on the market.

Review : Toyota Aurion XV40 ( 2007 – 2012 )

Toyota Aurion XV40, Camry’s australian cousin. One of THE best australian cars of it’s day and age, a must have or atleast a must look.

Review : Vauxhall Corsa F ( 2019 – present )

Vauxhall Corsa F, a car that makes a sensation in Europe and UK’s best selling car, but somehow doesn’t leave us with our pants down as it should. Why is that?

Review : Vauxhall Grandland X (2017–2021)

Vauxhall Grandland X, for proper men who want a proper, good looking, French car. If it were a food, it would be a double cheeseburger baguette. If it were a person, it would be Shaq – looks tough and American… Continue Reading →

Review : Seat Leon 5F ( 2013 – 2020 )

Maybe the Seat Leon 5F has lost it’s George Clooney charm and is no longer the sporty brother of the Golf – Leon – Octavia trio, and maybe it’s not even a cheaper alternative to the Golf…ok, I guess I… Continue Reading →

Review : Seat Leon 1P ( 2005 – 2012 )

Seat Leon 1P, an almost perfect car. A car that I love 80%, but the remaining 20% is way too much for me to accept. Seat Leon 1P, that child who missed the place at the national Olympics by a… Continue Reading →

Review : Seat Leon 1M ( 1998 – 2005 )

Seat Leon 1M, the winner of the VW group hatchback battle of the early 2000s, comes to prove that it still got it in 2023. Here’s why, in today’s article.

Review : Kia Venga ( 2010 – 2019 )

From time to time we talk about some cars that represent a niche that no one really needed, but look here. And Kia Venga and Hyundai ix20 are other such examples.

Review : Kia Picanto SA ( 2003 – 2011 )

If you need a small car that can get you around town and that’s pretty much where the requirments list stops, the Kia Picanto SA is one of the best choices you can make, even 400 years after production ended…. Continue Reading →

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