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Review: Toyota C-HR ( 2016 – present )

Toyota C-HR, the spiritual succesor to the defunct Toyota Urban Cruiser. Urban what? That’s what I thought. And yet the Toyota C-HR has sold more than Twisted Sister’s concert tickets, with the clientele being about the same age. But is… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Rav4 XA50 ( 2018 – present )

Like any true european, when I see a large mass of people gathering anymore, I go to see what it’s all about. Maybe I get something out of it. A bucket of flour, a free phone, something. But usually, I… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Prius III ( 2009 – 2015 )

Toyota Prius III, is probably the most successful Prius yet and definitely the one you want. Unless you don’t care about the looks of the car, and that would make me ask you what are you doing in the Toyota… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Land Cruiser 120 ( 2002 – 2009 )

Toyota Land Cruiser 120, is the official car of old-fashioned gangsters and mobster. If he’s 50 years old, has a generous gut, wears a leather cap and drives a Toyota Land Cruiser 120 or has a chauffeur, you’d do very… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Prius II ( 2003 – 2009 )

Yes, Toyota Prius II because nobody bought the first model. Toyota Prius II, the car that started the eco-hysteria in America. But how did it fare in Europe?

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