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Review: Toyota Auris II ( 2013 – 2019 )

Toyota Auris II is a car as similar to the previous generation as the similarity between Donatella Versace pre-suregery and post-surgery. If Toyota Auris II were a person, it would be Steve Buscemi in the movie “30 Rock”.

Review: Toyota Auris I ( 2007 – 2013 )

There’s a whole range of compacts available on the market these days. Some offer sportiness, some offer practicality, and some try to be the kind of radler beer that wants to be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic and is worse than… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Aygo X ( 2022 – present )

Toyota Aygo X. I’ll probably get called out and get flamed, but the question begs to be asked: Just how far are we going to go? How far will we go with the slightly raised small cars genre?

Review: Toyota Aygo II ( 2014 – present )

The Toyota Aygo II comes to take over the mantle of the official chariot of restaurants and food places which are serving drunk and very drunk people on Friday nights. But did it manage to deliver pizza and fulfill it’s… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Aygo I ( 2005 – 2014 )

Toyota Aygo I, the spiritual successor of the VW Lupo, is knocking at the door of AlmostCars. I’m curious instead if the order is correct and if the kebabs are still warm. It arrived instead at exactly the right time… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Yaris Cross ( 2020 – present )

You know what I wonder about the Toyota Yaris Cross. How far can this automotive genre really go? Oh wait, the Aygo X…

Review: Toyota Yaris III ( 2011 – 2020)

Toyota Yaris III, the car that was adored by delivery drivers, broke college students, geriatric people, driving schools, Titus Steel, Aubrey Plaza, and half of Toyota fans. And yet, why don’t we see so many more of them on the… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Yaris II ( 2005 – 2011 )

Toyota Yaris II, is a car that can be driven by ladies, octogenarians, but also by hooligans who make donuts in supermarket parking lots. A more fun car than you would imagine.

Review: Toyota Yaris I ( 1999 – 2005 )

Toyota Yaris I is the car that gave birth to the self-powered transportation for ladies and gents who want a simple, yet good car to take them from the mall parking lot to the next mall parking lot.

Review: Toyota Rav4 XA40 ( 2013 – 2018 )

If the previous generation was a car for the ladies who wanted to show you exactly who’s the boss, the Toyota Rav4 XA40 was an instant hit with everyone from chefs to taxi drivers. Here’s how the Toyota Rav4 XA40… Continue Reading →

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