If you know you want a crossover but also know that you’ll never leave the tarmac, you have more car options than Adelina Pestrițu has advertising contract options. So why should you buy a Seat Ateca KH7?

If Skoda Karoq is Foster’s and T-Cross is Bira Moretti, Ateca is Peroni. Currently starting at 21,300 pounds and the T-Roc starting at 25,200 pounds, but next week the prices will probably be different, however the concept remains the same – Ateca is cheaper than T-Roc and more expensive than Karoq.

So why buy an Ateca and not something else from the trio?

Because the battle is between Ateca and T-Cross because if you look at Ateca, you clearly have a higher budget and you’re interested in something that looks good, with Karoq being clearly the most utilitarian, practical, and inexpensive in the trio. Plus, it also has the smallest boot of the family and it definatelly couldn’t keep up with the Kardashians. Only in the case of Karoq you know exactly what sets it apart from it’s brothers, but between Ateca and T-Cross, there is no difference except for the badge and a bit in the looks department, and that gives me a solid kick in the nads because I have to write two articles about the same car. Like brandy, Seat Ateca KH7 is a car distilled twice. But here it is pulled for the second time because it’s hotter than T-Cross, and in most classifieds the Ateca comes with petrol engines, unlike the conservative diesels on the T-Roc. Another difference would be that it comes with the FR package, which looks great, but that’s about it because I have nothing more to talk about regarding sportiness and other things because Ateca was moved to the same assembly line with Skoda Karoq at the Skoda factory in Kvasiny, Czech Republic. There is a however separate project, a pure-blooded Spanish one, sold as Cupra Ateca but that’s a totally different, proper animal. 300 horsepower, adaptive suspension, dedicated exhaust for Cupra Ateca, and other cool things. But only for the Cupra Ateca.


Seat Ateca KH7 front almostcarreviews

Seat Ateca KH7 Engines


  • 1.0 TSI EA211 of 116 horsepower – Absolutely decent on Arona, but on Ateca, it’s an engine that runs in the opposite direction without a pulse. Plus, it’s passionate about oil, just like I’m passionate about the Kardashians.
  • 1.4 TSI with 150 horsepower – Last ride, final hurrah for 1.4 TSI, and it’s the most reliable petrol engine on Seat Ateca KH7, and I certainly recommend it. It no longer has specific issues, so buy it with confidence as long as you find one.
  • 1.5 TSI ACT EA211 of 150 horsepower – No. I’ve written enough about this engine, but I have to do it again because that’s how it is at my job too. I’m fed up, but I have to go every day. In any case, the engine is famous not for oil consumption but for the kangarooing, which is more of a jerk than a start, and it would be a shame to kangaroo from into the buttocks of the car in front of you. Or the gearbox not responding in time, and you end up stuck in the intersection.
  • 2.0 TSI EA888 of 190 and 300 horsepower – The version with 190 horsepower is reserved for Seat Ateca, and the one with 300 horsepower for Cupra Ateca. No one bought the 2.0 TFSI with 190 horsepower , and I’ve already talked about the one with 300 horsepower .


  • 1.6 TDI EA288 of 116 horsepower – If you’re not in a hurry anywhere and want a simple, reliable, economical car that does its job with dignity, go get a Karoq 1.6 TDI. Because on Ateca, the 1.6 TDI engine is like non-alcoholic beer. Or morning without Alex Jones Show. It no longer has past issues and is a decent engine in itself, but it’s insufficient for Ateca.
  • 2.0 TDI EA288 of 150 and 190 horsepower – Even though Ateca looks best with a petrol engine, the 2.0 TDI gets a pass and is a decent engine. But it’s a modern diesel, and you should drive as little as possible in the city because otherwise issues with EGR, DPF, flywheel, cutting hands, cutting legs, clutch, Sicutza, Morena, INJECTORS WATER, PLAIN WATER!!!


Seat Ateca KH7 front side almostcarreviews

Seat Ateca KH7 Reliability Issues

  • Electrical issues from the window wiper motors to satnav, lights, air conditioning, and so on.
  • There is no spare wheel, not even as an option, so you’ll have to blow into the wheel to inflate it back. Or whatever Seat thought you can do with that tire repair kit.
  • Brake discs wear prematurely, regardless of whether you’re the type of person who still believes that Seat is the sports division of VW.
  • The automatic DSG gearbox still causes major disturbances, so be careful what you do, who you get involved with, and see how you can be everywhere.


Seat Ateca KH7 rear almostcarreviews

Seat Ateca KH7 Verdict

I would have said it’s Stejar beer compared to VW, but it’s not. Built on the same production line as Karoq, all that’s left of Ateca is the logo and maybe the steering wheel. Like what happened to me when my phone was stolen, all that was left were the installments. But at least it’s cheaper than T-Cross, so it’s still something.

Which engines do I recommend? For petrol, definitely the 1.4 TSI with 150 horsepower , and for diesel, the 2.0 TDI with 150 horsepower . And with that, I finished the work for today.