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Review: Skoda Octavia NX ( 2019 – present )

Do we have a heads-up display? Yes. Do we have a two-spoke steering wheel like the S-Class? Yes. Do we have hybrid engines? Yes. So what don’t we have? Women… I mean, sales. Skoda Octavia IV.

Review: Skoda Kodiaq NS7 ( 2016 – 2023 )

A 50,000 pounds Skoda? Are you serious? Serious and hilarious, because the Skoda Kodiaq NS7 might just be worth the money. 

Review: Skoda Karoq NU7 ( 2017 – present )

Perhaps Skoda isn’t buried 6 feet underground, but it’s got to be at atleast 5 feet. And it’s mainly kept alive by the Skoda Karoq NU7. Their current best-selling car.

Review: Skoda Yeti (2009 – 2017)

Despite being a slightly overlooked car, the Skoda Yeti is the best 4×4 you’ve never heard of. It remains only for you to decide whether its looks convinces you or not.

Review: Skoda Roomster (2006 – 2015)

The first Skoda model since they were taken over by VW was the Skoda Roomster. And besides that, it sits halfway between the Fabia and the Caddy. What’s more, you can no longer find Atlas beer in bars. Can you… Continue Reading →

Review: Skoda Rapid NH ( 2012 – 2022 )

You might think that a Skoda Rapid NH is just a Fabia with a boot. But you’d be wrong. Skoda Rapid NH, a 75% Skoda Octavia. Skoda Rapid NH, the official car of the self-employed taxi driver.

Review: Seat Altea (2004 – 2015)

Do you want a VW Touran that is cheaper and more reliable? Seat Altea. Is your criteria for buying a car “I want as much metal for my money. Not good, not sophisticated metal, just a lot of metal”? Seat… Continue Reading →

Review: Seat Toledo KG (2012 – 2019)

End of the line for Seat Toledo KG or back to roots? After so many experiments, Toledo is currently retired in a corner, and it’s unlikely we’ll see it miraculous and acrobatic return.

Review: Seat Ibiza 6F (2017 – present)

The Seat Ibiza 6F is the best car in the low-medium range of the VAG group that no one knows about. So get ready to be amazed when the plate spins.

Review: Seat Ibiza 6L (2002 – 2008)

Are you looking for a Skoda Fabia but the looks are just too dull? Seat Ibiza 6L? Are you searching for a Polo 9N GTI but can’t find one? Seat Ibiza 6L. However, is it worth buying one?

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