If you’re too up your bottom for a Perodua or a Dacia as your first car, then Mitsubishi Colt CZ is probably the best choice for you. Let’s see why in today’s article.

Seriously now, if the Perodua Kelisa or the Dacia Sandero are too cheap for you, then Mitsubishi Colt CZ should be your second option. I was actually wondering why I haven’t talked about the Mitsubishi Colt CZ yet, but then I remembered that I wrote about its Smart ForFour sibling , opened 2 beers, and went back to sleep.


So why should I buy a Colt instead of a ForFour? I asked the same question in the article about the Smart ForFour. So now I will tap into my disociative identity disorder, as my GP described my current situation.

  • It’s cheaper. Literally. Mitsubishi Colt is the original recipe and Smart ForFour had to somehow justify the higher price, which it did by having a slightly higher quality interior and better-tightened screws. On the other hand, Mitsubishi Colt is typically Japanese. And that makes it 200 pounds cheaper, and in this price range, 200 pounds can make a difference between victory and getting embarrassed and leaving in SHAME.
  • Then the truly interesting part starts, which is the engine options. If Smart ForFour had a relatively short life, Mitsubishi Colt CZ had a glorious career and had many engines that you won’t find in the Smart. And for motorsport enthusiasts, there’s the fabulous Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart 1.5 Turbo with 150 horsepower. Sure, Smart also had the Brabus version with the same 1.5 turbo but tuned to 177 horsepower, but that model was available for sale for only 5 minutes, while the Colt Ralliart was available from 2006 to 2013.
  • All good and well, but most people won’t drive a Mitsubishi Colt CZ because it’s a sports car but because they’ll be at the lower spectrum of the market, with engines which develop a mighty 6 horsepower. And in this regard, the Colt does a decent job because it’s a small, reliable, fuel-efficient, and easy-to-drive. You just need to make friends with the sea of plastic in the interior because any trip will take a long time.


Mitsubishi Colt CZ front almostcarreviews

Mitsubishi Colt CZ Engines


  • 1.1 3A91 of 75 horsepower – An entry-level engine for an entry-level car. It’s an older unit, but it checks out. It doesn’t particularly run, it doesn’t really use fuel, it doesn’t break down. It won’t punish you for your spirited driving, because it won’t let you drive fast in the first place. Ideal for city driving, but that’s about it. But maybe that’s all you want from a car. 
  • 1.3 4A90 of 95 horsepower – The most balanced engine in the lineup. It’s identical to the 1.5 engine but sits in the middle in terms of costs/performance. And honestly, I don’t think you need more horsepower in a Colt if you’re the type of driver for whom the Colt was created. 
  • 1.5 4A91 of 109 horsepower – Yes, in the ForFour’s review I said that this would be the most balanced engine, but in the case of Colt the purchase and running costs price weigh more than the performance. Sure, I can’t say no to a 109 horsepower 1.5 petrol powered Mitsubishi Colt CZ just as I can’t refuse a bottle of quality vodka , but sometimes you have to take into consideration the costs. Especially in this area of almost cars.
  • 1.5 Turbo 4G15 of 150 horsepower – You might think this is just the 1.5 4A91 with a turbo attached, but you’d be wrong. In fact, it’s the legendary 4G15, an old engine that was used in the Mirage back in the ’30s. A fabulous engine, but it has issues with oil consumption, the turbo, engine mounts, carbon deposits on the intake manifold and the fuel pump. Is it worth all these issues? 2 litres of Absolute. The 4G15 has so many documented issues because there are so many engines out there, and its lifespan is getting close to Sleepy Joe’s. But atleast you know that the internet has documented just about anything possible for this engine.



  • 1.5 CDI OM639 of 70 and 95 horsepower – There had to be a hint of Mercedes in this car, and that hint seems to be the diesel engine. Essentially, it’s the 3-cylinder version of the engine used in the B-Class and A-Class. This means it’s mounted in such a way that you only have access to basic operations locations. If you need to do something more complicated with this engine, it has to be taken out. It’s so crammed in there that you’d think it’s an 3 room flat in London which actually has 5 sqm of space. And it’s not smart, because Smart is a different car. Sales were elsewhere because this engine was retired in 2008 due to the nonexistent demand. Oh, and I should mention that it has dual-mass flywheel because a 70 horsepower diesel needs a double mass flywheel because otherwise it will break your legs from all that torque.
  • 1.9 D-ID F9Q of 105 horsepower – Yes, in some countries the Colt had a brief stint with Renault’s 1.9 F9Q engine and it’s not really at home here. Not particularly reliable due to it’s turbo and EGR issues, but it’s also heavy and not particularly faster or more economical than the 1.5 diesel. And there’s also the insurance factor to take into consideration, as this car is mostly reserved for the younger public and insurance will kick them in the nads.


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Mitsubishi Colt CZ Reliability Issues

  • As I mentioned before, the Mitsubishi Colt is typical Japanese. And that means the level of equipment and interior quality is somewhere between college dorm and the lovely bench in front of the Square Peg. But hey, considering how much you paid for it, does it matter?
  • The newer generation engines are typical Japanese engines. In basic terms, they only start moving after 4000 RPM. Until then, you’ll feel like your car is being pulled by Dua Lipa.
  • Yes, there is a semi-automatic gearbox for the Mitsubishi Colt but you better stick to a manual gearbox and stick to the overall theme of a cheap and cheerful car.


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Mitsubishi Colt CZ Verdict

I’ll repeat and insist, it’s a great car for beginners and budget minded motorists. Cheap to buy, cheap to run. Sure, you won’t impress anyone with a Mitsubishi Colt, but if you’re the kind of person who feels a panic attack coming when you see a car and you drive because you have to, then it’s very hard to surpass the Mitsubishi Colt.


Which engines do I recommend? 

For petrol, the 1.3, 95 horsepower naturally aspirated 4A90 is all the engine you need, and for diesel I will pick the 1.5 Mercedes-sourced diesel.