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Review: Mitsubishi Colt CZ (2002 – 2013)

If you’re too up your bottom for a Perodua or a Dacia as your first car, then Mitsubishi Colt CZ is probably the best choice for you. Let’s see why in today’s article.

Pareri : Mercedes CLA C118 ( 2019 – present )

The great literary, gastronomy and automobile critic Don Tobol once said “driving a Mercedes Benz”. And these words somehow  inspired me and made me feel a total dum-dum for not writing about the Mercedes CLA C118.

Review : Mercedes E Class W213 ( 2016 – 2023 )

Now that the production has ended, we can talk about the Mercedes E Class W213 aka the best S Class you can currently buy.

Review: Jeep Patriot ( 2007 – 2017 )

Jeep Patriot, is the best off-roader you’ve never heard of. I can already feel the hair growing on my chest and feel an acute need to go all the way to KFC to order a bucket of chicken nuggets and… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Verso I ( 2009 – 2013 )

Since we’ve been talking so much about minivans, I thought it was time to start talking about the minivan of one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers and so I’ll start with the Toyota Verso I.

Review: Mercedes ML W166 ( 2011 – 2019 )

Mercedes ML W166 is the last ML in non-facelift version and Mercedes GLE in facelift version. So, what car exactly am I writing about???

Review: Mercedes GLK ( 2008 – 2015 )

An ML is too big and won’t fit through the gate? Don’t want to be associated with the image of the typical ML driver? Or maybe the wife wants something imposing but easier to drive? The Mercedes GLK answers all… Continue Reading →

Review: Mercedes B Class W245 ( 2005 – 2012 )

Mercedes B Class W245, the best Mercedes Benz that we didn’t buy. I wonder why?

Review: Mercedes C Class W205 ( 2014 – present )

Mercedes C Class W205, back to basics. A car that goes by the motto that in life it’s better to look rich than to actually be rich.

Review: Mercedes B Class W246 ( 2012 – 2018 )

Mercedes B Class W246, a story that started very well and continued decently. Like Gangnam Style, it’s hard to come up with a better sequel when the original is bang on.

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