Toyota Avensis T270, the official chariot of subtle lawyers. Toyota Avensis T270, car for people who want luxury but who still don’t want to be seen in something expensive. Toyota Avensis T270, the Huawei of the automotive world.

If the Toyota Avensis T250 was aimed at the people who didn’t know anything about cars but needed a car and they heard that Toyotas are good and were too cool to buy a VW, the Toyota Avensis T270 is a different kind of animal. If in the previous generation the owners laughed sincerely at sitcom jokes along with the laugh track, and used the term “Coyota” and they also laughed mostly by themselves, the Toyota Avensis of this generation comes as a solid, well-built and anonymous car. Yes, it has some lines and curves, but it remains an anonymous car.

Toyota Avensis T27 – Toyota’s Audi A4 B7

There are many similarities between the Toyota T270 and the Audi A4 B7. Both are subtle cars, both hang around the middle-sized saloon segment. Both come with quite basic equipment, but they leave you with that feeling of the solid quality. Both are aimed to those who want something simple, but solid. Not sophisticated, not out of the ordinary. Toyota Avensis, the official car of the lawyers who did not want to buy a Lexus IS. You won’t impress anyone with a Toyota Avensis T270, but your world will definitely be. Even if many models on the used market have a list of options as extensive as Dwayne Johnson’s hair, the Toyota Avensis T270 once again confirms the Japanese reliability it’s famous for.

Toyota Avensis T270 Engines


  • 1.6 VVT-i of 130 horsepower – As with the previous generation, if you have this engine I wish you to get stuck in the serpentine roads and remember that you chose the wrong engine because you don’t have to power to climb. To put a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated petrol engine on an Avensis means being the kind of person who breathes manually.
  • 1.8 VVT-i 145 horsepower – As with the T250, the 1.8 petrol remains the most balanced and correct engine. With sufficient power and with a consumption close to diesel engines but without the specific minuses and without the sound of gravel falling from the wheelbarrow, this petrol engine is the choice of mentally healthy people.
  • 2.0 VVT-i of 150 horsepower – You get 5 more horses for 200 cubic centimeters. If there were 6, they were beautiful. But like that, it’s only 5.



  • 2.0 D-4D of 122, 125 and 141 horsepower – If you know nothing, absolutely nothing about cars and you have no intention of finding out, then my sincere question is: What are you doing here? In any case, the same 2.0 D-4D is ready to be the workhorse for the Avensis as well.
  • 1.6D of 110 horsepower – This engine should be avoided like vegan food. Firstly, it’s way too anemic for the job and secondly it’s the famous N47 from BMW which is actually the 1.6 Prince engine. Timing chain issues, injectors issues, an altogether bad choice to make in live.
  • 2.2 D-4D of 148 and 174 horsepower – You no longer have the dreary 2.2 D-CAT that made barbeque out of the cylinder head gaskets, but now you have a 2.2 D-4D that has problems with the regeneration of the particle filter. Or you can go safe and go for a 2.0 D-4D.


Toyota Avensis T270 General Issues

  • The 1.8 and 2.0 petrol engines have a CVT type automatic gearbox, not classic type of automagic. If you’ve never driven a CVT before, you won’t want to in the future aswell. Go to a manual. Save some money. Buy a manual model but with more options. Also, since we’re on the topic of the petrol engines, the Valvematic unit will fail and it will sting. It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”.
  • The electronic parking brake is a notorious issue with Toyota Anvesis of this generation. It breaks down, it gets stuck, something is getting wasted more than a junkie at a rooftop party.
  • Even if it’s not as bad as with the previous generation, the steering column issues remain stuck to the car like chewing gum sticks to the sole of your sneaker. From a mundane sensor to the entire column, you can experience faults with anything.


Toyota Avensis T270 Verdict

I like. It brings a lot of Lexus vibes with it, but at the same time it is cheaper and more subtle. It’s reliable, as evidenced by the fact that this is one of the shortest Almost Cars articles. Toyota Avensis T270, for the man who takes the woman to the restaurant first and then does it in the missionary position.

What engine do I recommend? Without a doubt, the 1.8 and 145 horsepower petrol engine, linked to a manual gearbox, for petrol power. But the best all round engine is the classic 2.0 D-4D 125 / 141 horsepower diesel.