I wonder what happened to the BMW Z4 E85? It was so popular back in 2010, but today it’s like this car doesn’t even exist anymore. I wonder why when I drink alcohol people tell me I’m an alcoholic, but when I drink Fanta no one tells me I’m fantastic?

The successor to the BMW Z3 was a dramatic car and one that was quite popular on every boulevard in the country. BMW Z4 E85 is the official car of men who don’t believe in monogamy or any kind of stable relationship with any kind of woman. BMW Z4 E85, for the man who skips nothing. For the kind of man who agrees that even fat chicks should be loved, only they have to pay.

Usually parked in front of an expensive club, the BMW Z4 was for people who had no qualms wearing a hat all the time and was somewhat of a benchmark car in the convertible world. Until the 6 Series came along and trampled it and since then the BMW Z4 has become a rarer presence on the streets than the cheerful girls on the side of the road because now they all work from home.

Also I don’t understand why the BMW Z4 E85 was so popular in UK. I’m curios about what’s in the heads of the Brits who bought a brand new Z4, apart from the beard. Because in a convertible you always have to wear a hat, otherwise you get your head cooked.


BMW Z4 E85 Engines


  • 2.0 N/A of 148 horsepower – A quite rare engine and the only 2 liter available on duty. Although it shouldn’t matter that much, especially if you’re looking at a Z4 the same way you’re looking at the fine ladies at the gentlemen’s club, trying to determine how many of them you’ll take home this round. It’s the exterior that matters, not the interior. Oh yeah, watch out for oil consumption.
  • 2.2 N/A of 170-horsepower – One of my favorites, the M54 engine debuts on the Z4 as a 2.2 and a modest 170 horsepower. But atleats it’s an glorious inline-six.
  • 2.5 N/A of 174, 189, and 215 horsepower – The 215 was a special edition Z4 25si and not worth mentioning because it’s too rare. The other engines are either M54 or N52 and I’m not talking about them yet.
  • 3.0 N/A of 215, 228, and 261 horsepower – Because the M54 and N52 go up to 3 liters so I will group them and talk about them. Old-fashioned engines which are overall reliable and as notable issues they have the water pump, thermostat, and oil consumption, with the only possible killer being the VANOS unit. But you won’t get them all at the same time. Also, avoid the 261 horsepower 3.0si version because you guessed it, it’s a special edition that’s not that reliable and it’s also much harder to find parts for.


BMW Z4 E85 General Issues

  • The main concern with the first-generation Z4 is the roof mechanism. Make sure everything works properly, otherwise you’ll have to either pay the value of the car again for the repair or keep it with the roof folded all the time. Which shouldn’t be an issue, even in the UK. After all, rain doesn’t hold a candle to style.
  • And speaking of convertibles, special attention needs to be given to the boot because that’s where the ECU sits and water can seep through the boot directly onto the ECU and all we know the electronics and water work as well as beer with watermelon.
  • The BMW Z4 comes with frameless windows (of course it comes with frameless windows). And cars with frameless windows generally have issues with the window motors, so check and make sure they are functional.
  • The rear suspension is not the most suitable suspension for the Z4 and that leads to two issues. The first issue is like baldness.. it slowly but surely fades away, piece by piece. Or like British Leyland. And the second concern is that the suspension isn’t aligned very well and the wheels tend to take control of the car on their own when they get power because it’s a rear-wheel drive car and about 200 horsepower.
  • I don’t know how relevant it is to the typical BMW Z4 E85 owner, but the boot is the smallest in the class. In fact, it’s so cramped that a Polo feels like a Land Cruiser next to the Z4, and if you fold the metal roof, you’re left completely bootless. But what do you need a boot for anyway? You’re only driving around with the clothes on you on anyway, and you will get rid of them real quick when you meet up with one of your 25 mistresses. Or maybe all 25 mistresses at the same time.


BMW Z4 E85 Verdict

I still don’t understand why and how this car became so popular in the UK. It’s sole purpose is to drive around hairy-chested, sleek hairgel, leather cap-wearing men from one mistress to another. That’s the sole purpose of the car. And yes, I am abit envious. So if you want to be an instant hit with the ladies, buy an Z4. Because it’s not about the car only, it’s the ladies’ man that you will transform into, when you hold the keys for the first time.


What engines do I recommend? For petrol, I recommend any M54 and/or N52 engine, depending on your budget. The most balanced would be the 174 horsepower 2.5 if you ask me.