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Review : Land Rover Freelander L314 ( 1997 – 2006 )

Land Rover Freelander L314, the first attempt at the compact sector of the market from Land Rover. If Frankenstein had worked in the automotive industry, he would certainly have interned at Land Roer on the development of the Land Rover… Continue Reading →

Revew : Range Rover LR322 ( 2001 – 2012 )

Range Rover LR322, the car that stomped the financial crisis, coherence, reliability, owners’ wallets, mechanics’ ramps, the market, the hearts of oil barons and which became a sex symbol of excess and waste. Range Rover LR322, it was that good.

Review : BMW X2 F39 ( 2017 – present )

I don’t necessarily understand why you would pay more for less or why you would want a sports version of the BMW X1, but the BMW X2 F39 exists on the market and is for sale. So let’s see what… Continue Reading →

Review : BMW X1 F48 ( 2015 – 2022 )

When I look at the BMW X1 F48 I have three states of mind. The first mental state is to watch an commercial failure because the 2nd generation X1 is a full blown commercial car and I need to level… Continue Reading →

Review : BMW X4 F26 ( 2014 – 2018 )

Take an regular X3, slice off the roof and a piece of the boot, add a splash of sportiness, proclaim it the BMW X4 F26 and sell it like Deauxma’s educational materials.

Review : BMW X6 E71 ( 2007 – 2014 )

Does this car need any presentation or introduction? The BMW X6 E71, the very first X6, was to the underworld what the Transit was to the masses. It built the country. Or atleast the underground economy.

Review: BMW X1 E84 ( 2009 – 2015 )

If the 1 Series was the aspirational BMW when it launched, the BMW X1 E84 is not only the aspirational BMW SUV but is one of the aspirational SUVs period. And yet, what’s the deal with this 3 Series on… Continue Reading →

Review: BMW X3 F25 ( 2010 – 2018 )

BMW X3 F25, the transition from wheelbarrow with a steering wheel to a posh chariot. If the first X3 was a curiosity, here’s the BMW X3 F25, rolled out of bed, dressed up, and showed up.

Review: BMW 5 Series GT ( 2009 – 2017 )

Many consider the BMW 5 Series GT to be the ugliest BMW of the modern era. They prolly never heard of the E65. Personally, it’s my favorite BMW and the irony is that the BMW 5 Series GT is the… Continue Reading →

Review: BMW 2 Series Active Tourer I ( 2014 – 2021 )

Some would say that’s blasphemy. Others would say it’s industrial sell out. I say they’re confused because the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer I and the BMW 2 Series are as related as Haylee Baylee is to work.

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