Dacia Logan I MCV, official car of the not-so-wealthy gubment? The car of the beginer entrepreneur? A van with windows? A car for the kind of man who doesn’t know the difference between children and sacks of potatoes?

The fact is that the Dacia Logan I MCV was a workhorse that did exceptional work no matter how much abuse it took or how much maintenance it didn’t get. Basically, this was Dacia-Renault’s immediate measure to put out a car that would satisfy the needs of tradesmen, companies, and people who haven’t heard of vasectomy.


And how did it behave?

First of all, the Dacia Logan I MCV had no competition in its price range. And it was very lucky that the Logan on which was based on was a comically reliable car, otherwise it wouldn’t have lasted so long on the market. Unlike a Mondeo II station wagon, the Dacia Logan I MCV really is everywhere. From the remotest of villages to the police station, the MCV remains a memorable car in the minds of many europeans. Sure, it wasn’t the automotive world’s finest hour, but it paved the way for the second generation, a car that shot a kick in the testicles to the whole of Europe.

Fortunately, you had an engine for every possible need and that made the Dacia Logan I MCV a relatively versatile car. Want to feel miserable and live with the feeling that you’ve done nothing in life? Get the 1.4 petrol which is excellent on the Logan but horrible on the MCV. Want to haul pigs and building materials on the more or less paved roads of the homeland? Get the 1.5 diesel. Want a cheap sports car that doesn’t look sporty? Get the 1.6 16V petrol, because the MCV is lower and more stable in corners than the Logan. 


Dacia Logan I MCV Engines


  • 1.4 MPI of 75 horsepowerThe entry-level engine did its legendary job under the hood of the Logan and Sandero. Unfortunately, it has no place on the Dacia Logan I MCV because it’s like having Kevin Hart carry The Rock on his back. As for issues, you’ve only got a steering box to concern yourself with. If you’ve got power steering, you need to refurbish the box. If you don’t have power steering, just tighten a bolt. Oh yeah, and the famous stepper motor is another known issue.
  • 1.6 MPI of 85 and 1000 horsepower – I have a friend who once had a Logan with this engine. He actually drove it up to 185 km/h. He didn’t change the oil for the first 4 years. The engine was fine. I highly recommend the legendary 1.6 16v, the official car of the man who wants medium levels of sports and fun on a shoestring budget. Seriously, it takes on the Suzuki Swift Sport, even if in MCV bodywork it’s like having Boris Johnson do the 100 meters fence run and dismantle the competition.



1.5 dCi with 65, 75, and 90 horsepower – The basic diesel that’s got into the Renault-Mercedes-Nissan brains and washed them clean. Just as the europeans are brainwashed by 1.9 TDI and 2.0 TDI, so there is a sect of people who wake up with a 1.5 dCi on their mind and go to bed with a 1.5 dCi on their mind. Note that the injectors on the 65 and 75-horsepower engines have Delphi-sourced injectors, which were made in Romania. But most likely the injectors have already been replaced so don’t worry too much.


Dacia Logan I MCV General Issues

  • One of the biggest issues with the first generation Logan and all its mutations was at the trim levels. Proof of this is the fact that you still have to ask over the phone “Does it have A/C?” or “Does it have power steering?” when wanting to buy one. In particular, you’ll have to ask for just about everything when it comes to the 75 horsepower 1.4 MPI engine, because that was as clean and shiny as Richard Hammond’s teeth.
  • Rust is a recurring issue with Dacia, and the MCV doesn’t escape this curse. Especially on the rear doors, fenders, chassis, roof, pillars, front bumper, hood and rear bumper. All of which need to be checked.
  • The toilet paper used to build Dacias is already legendary and if you see a supermarket trolley heading your way, it’s for your own good to jump out of the car. Your chances of survival are lower than my parent’s budget during Xmas and any gifts ocassion really.
  • For the money you pay, the rear suspension you get is unfortunately made of modern but fragile springs. You don’t have leaf spring suspension anymore so be careful how much you can haul with it. Well, many owners found the “maximum weight” section in the user manual more of a suggestion rather than a limitation. Yes, it doesn’t have leaf suspension like a Caddy, but the prices can’t compare either


Dacia Logan I MCV Verdict

Yes, get hit by a supermarket shopping cart and you’re dead on the spot. Yes, it can’t carry that much because it doesn’t have leaf suspension. Yes, you usually will find it rusted out in a barn somewhere. But this is the car that got Dacia’s commercial department moving. And from here on, it only gets better.

What engines do you recommend? For petrol, I can only recommend the 1.6 petrol, whether it’s the 85hp 8v or the legendary 550hp 16v with 1045Nm of torque. As for diesel, probably any 1.5 dCi is ok to buy in this day and age, although I think even Clint Eastwood has more life left in it than these engines.