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Review: Dacia Spring ( 2019 – present )

Some say this car is a failure and you’ll roll over and die at the first gust of wind. Others say it’s all the car you need. All we know is that the Dacia Spring is the cheapest electric car… Continue Reading →

Review: Dacia Logan I MCV ( 2006 – 2013 )

Dacia Logan I MCV, official car of the not-so-wealthy gubment? The car of the beginer entrepreneur? A van with windows? A car for the kind of man who doesn’t know the difference between children and sacks of potatoes?

Review: Dacia Logan II MCV ( 2013 – present )

Dacia Logan II MCV, the spiritual successor to the Mondeo II Estate and the B4 Passat. The ideal car for those who want to buy as much metal as possible with their money. Not necessarily quality metal, but lots of… Continue Reading →

Review: Dacia Lodgy I ( 2012 – present )

iI could have simply written that the Dacia Lodgy I is just a Dokker with windows and I could have gone out for a beer in peace and quiet as it’s now open until 11 pm anyway and it’s open… Continue Reading →

Review: Dacia Dokker I ( 2012 – present )

Dacia Dokker I, the spiritual successor to the Dacia Logan MCV Van. Built-in Morocco, according to a French recipe, and the car of the craftsmen. The psychosis begins properly.

Review: Dacia Sandero II ( 2012 – 2020 )

Want a new Golf V? Then the Dacia Sandero II might be the closest answer. Dacia Sandero II is one of the best compact cars today.

Review: Dacia Sandero I ( 2007 – 2014 )

Good news! Dacia Sandero I arrives in the AlmostCars ring. A modest car that broke the market’s mouth with its purchase price. But is it also a good car?

Review: Dacia Duster I ( 2009 – 2017 )

Dacia Duster I, the mythical SUV is ready to enter the AlmostCars arena. It’s just that it’s not that much of a SUV. And not so ready.

Review: Dacia Logan I ( 2004 – 2012 )

Dacia Logan I, the almost mythical car enters the AlmostCars ring. A car loved by Europeans and hated by Romanians, Dacia Logan I is a car of controversy. Is a Dacia Logan I worth it nowadays? Find out in today’s… Continue Reading →

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