The first C Max is one of my favorite cars, but unfortunately, only Bonnie M’s music is immune to the passage of time, so the Ford C Max II had to come into action in 2010.

But I shouldn’t say “unfortunately”, because the Ford C Max II really is a brilliant car. And like any genius, it’s not a very popular car. I said that the Ford B Max is the best car produced in Romania that nobody buys, and the Ford C Max II follows much the same trend.


Which is a great pity considering that the Ford C Max II is a really good car. It’s no longer just a wierd Focus, but now comes with the option of 7 seats to be fantastic, being available in the Grand C Max version. I went to to see how many are on sale and at the time I pulled the water for this article there were even 36 models on sale. On Lotus Elise for example has 52 models for sale on That means a Grand C Max is more exotic than a Lotus Elise.

Now I should convince you why you should buy a C Max instead of a Lotus Elise. Well, the main argument would be that you don’t fit in a Lotus Elise. Even Emilia Clarke can’t fit in an Elise. Then you have the practicality argument, the Ford C Max II being all the car a young family needs. You have enough space for all the luggage because when you have only one child you have to take the equivalent of humanitarian aid to Ukraine with you on holiday. And I guess that’s why the C Max didn’t sell too well either because this kind of person usually buys their Zamfira and maybe even their Sharan, there’s no room in a poor C Max. Or maybe because the car wasn’t necessarily promoted by the Americans? Or maybe because Ford was in the middle of reliability scandals back then? Who knows.


Ford C Max II Engines


  • 1.0 EcoBoost of 100 and 125 horsepower – An engine more doubtful than how all the illiterates got their driver’s licenses, the 1.0 EcoBoost is an engine to avoid in general, but especially for the Ford C Max II. Besides eating clutches and flywheels, besides catching fire, this engine is insufficient for the C Max.
  • 1.5 EcoBoost of 150-horsepower – Launched in 2015 and on the Ford C Max II, the 1.5 EcoBoost is essentially the 4-cylinder version of the 1.0 EcoBoost. Very good on performance, mediocre on reliability. Injector issues, carbon deposits on the intake manifold, and coil packs.
  • 1.6 MPI of 85, 105, and 125 horsepower – The only naturally aspirated petrol that Ford C Max II and Focus III got for that matter, and the only reliable engine on the list. The whole list.
  • 1.6 EcoBoost of 150- and 182-horsepower  – Same 1.6 MPI, but with a strapped turbo. Same, it’s very reliable, except there’s a pipe where the antifreeze goes through that’s made of chewed gum. Literally chewed. The pipe cracks, you run out of antifreeze, and the engine catches fire. There have been quite a few lawsuits in the US on this issue BECAUSE AMERICANS ARE SO BONKERS THAT THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO READ ON DASHBOARD WHEN THE ANTIFREEZE LIGHT IS ON. AND THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO READ THE TEMPERATURE GAUGE.


  • 1.5 TDCi of 95, 105, and 120 horsepower – The spiritual and mechanical successor to the old 1.4 TDCI on the Fiesta. And we know what that means. Injectors are cheap and of low quality.
  • 1.6 TDCI of 95 and 115 horsepower – Yes, there have been huge issues with this engine in the past. And there are now, but far fewer. Like any small-capacity diesel, this engine needs to be kept out of town the way Lizz Truss needs to be kept off the microphone. Otherwise, you’ll have issues with the injectors, particle filter, flywheel, and so on.
  • 2.0 TDCI of 115, 140, 150, 163, and 170 horsepower – The 115, 140, and 163 are Euro 5 and are decent engines for reliability. The 150 and 170 are Euro 6 and are indecent as far as reliability goes. And when I say indecent I don’t mean Deauxma style dancing lasciviously, but rather Boris Johnson dancing lasciviously. And if the thought of Boris Johnson dancing lasciviously turns you on, it’s on you.


Ford C Max II General Issues

  • I’m going back to the Powershift dual-clutch automatic transmission discussion. A gearbox already world famous for its issues. Frankly, I’d avoid it altogether.
  • It’s a Ford so I have to talk about the complementary electrical issues. In this case, we have the electric windows that open when they feel like it, the electronic parking brake, and basically everything.
  • The trunk latches are made from remixed rubber left over after the antifreeze line was installed. So check the spare tire, so it doesn’t get flooded.
  • The xenon headlights burn out prematurely and this is really a situation specific to the C Max, not the whole Ford group in general.
  • And while we’re on the subject of broken pipes, I should mention the compressor pipes which crack and leave you burning like Anna Lesko. Oh yes, and I should also mention the power steering pipe can crack.
  • The Ford C Max II has an appetite for front tires the way I have an appetite for a beer right now. In fact, I think I’ll wrap it up here, write a quick verdict and head out for a beer.


Ford C Max II verdict

Yes, the list of issues is pretty long but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have them all. Although, if we’re talking about Ford, you’ll most likely have them all. But at least not at the same time. Probably. In any case, a Ford C Max II with a manual transmission and a decent engine can be an excellent young family car. Too bad you won’t find many ads. I’m off for a beer!



What engines do you recommend? For petrol, I recommend the 125hp 1.6 MPI if you can find it, and the 143hp 2.0 TDCI diesel, but I have to mention the 115hp 1.6 TDCI as it’s by far the most popular. It’s a decent engine, but keep it out of town.