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Review : Land Rover Discovery LR4 ( 2009 – 2017 )

Land Rover Discovery LR4 is actually a facelifted Discovery L319 / LR3 and it is still one of the worst cars in terms of reliability. But with the commanding presence and size it has, does it really need reliability?

Review : Jaguar X Type ( 2001 – 2009 )

Pretty much like how Red Hot Chili Peppers launched “By the Way” in 2002, which would become one of their masterpieces, Jaguar also released Jaguar X Type in 2001, possibly the car that saved their bottoms from bankruptcy. Is it… Continue Reading →

Pareri : Range Rover Evoque L538 ( 2011 – 2018 )

Range Rover Evoque L538, the Ralph Lauren handbag of the automotive world. Range Rover Evoque L538, the Tommy Hilfiger of crossovers. Range Rover Evoque L538, the official car of the “PC operator” in the job description, even if they don’t… Continue Reading →

Review : Ford Puma ( 2019 – present )

The Ford Puma is for the world of the mini cross-over what the Qashqai was for the cross-over world and what Salma Hayek was for television. Practically, this is where this automotive genre became known and Europe was literally filled… Continue Reading →

Review : Mazda 6 GG ( 2002 – 2008 )

Mazda 6 GG? Why not a Ford Mondeo III, a Passat B6, a BMW E39, a Toyota Avensis, a Ford Fusion II or an Audi A4 B7? Really now, why a Mazda 6 GG?

Review: Ford Kuga II ( 2013 – 2019 )

Ford Kuga II,  the sequel to one of the first cars in the crossover segment. Did Ford improve the recipe or did they botch the 2nd season? Is the Ford Kuga II a worthy crossover or is it just a… Continue Reading →

Review: Ford Kuga I ( 2008 – 2012 )

Ford Kuga I is one of the most requested cars by all 2 AlmostCars readers. But is the Ford Kuga I worth your attention and money? Or is it just another Ford ready to make your mechanic rich?

Review: Ford B Max ( 2012 – 2017 )

Made in Romania, this would be the main party piece of the Ford B Max. Or maybe it’s the best Romanian car nobody has heard of. Too bad.

Review: Ford Ranger III ( 2011 – 2022 )

Ford Ranger III, which started out as an official truck for mountaintop telecom operators and quickly became one of the biggest status cars.

Review: Ford EcoSport I ( 2012 – 2022)

Ford EcoSport I, Ford’s mini SUV, was built in Romania to kick Dacia Duster in the nuts. Is it? The battle begins in Craiova, which will leave many euros won for them and almost satisfaction for you.

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