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Review: Ford B Max ( 2012 – 2017 )

Made in Romania, this would be the main party piece of the Ford B Max. Or maybe it’s the best Romanian car nobody has heard of. Too bad.

Review: Ford Ranger III ( 2011 – 2022 )

Ford Ranger III, which started out as an official truck for mountaintop telecom operators and quickly became one of the biggest status cars.

Review: Ford EcoSport I ( 2012 – 2022)

Ford EcoSport I, Ford’s mini SUV, was built in Romania to kick Dacia Duster in the nuts. Is it? The battle begins in Craiova, which will leave many euros won for them and almost satisfaction for you.

Review: Ford Fiesta VI (2008 – 2019)

The Ford Fiesta VI was a fiesta in the truest sense of the word: a party where people had a good time, a party where some people had a bad time, and a party where Danny DeVito danced from evening… Continue Reading →

Review: Ford Fusion ( 2002 – 2012 )

I used to sit and drink a beer like all off-the-mill drunks. Well, actually it was spirits. Okay, it was actually V33. Anyway, I was sitting and drinking a V33 like the rest of the village, and the homework assignment… Continue Reading →

Review: Ford Ranger II ( 2006 – 2011 )

The Ford Ranger has a history longer than the night and even longer than Her Majesty’s. Except for the Ford, Ranger II was the first international Ranger we got in Europe so let’s throw down the mic and jump to… Continue Reading →

Review: Ford C Max II ( 2010 – 2019 )

The first C Max is one of my favorite cars, but unfortunately, only Bonnie M’s music is immune to the passage of time, so the Ford C Max II had to come into action in 2010.

Review: Ford C Max I ( 2004 – 2010 )

Today I’m talking about one of my favorite cars, the Ford C Max I. A car so versatile that it can host a handball match inside, no exaggeration. And it won’t even break your legs economically.

Review: Ford Ka II ( 2008 – 2016 )

After 13 years of dragging sins and rust, the tent on wheels called Ford Ka is finally replaced by Ford Ka II. Is it worthy tho of it’s mighty torch?

Review: Ford Puma Compact ( 1997 – 2003 )

It’s 20-22, but if you want a cheap, semi-fun, almost sporty car, the Ford Puma Compact is the best car you haven’t thought of at all.

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