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Review : Lexus NX AZ10 ( 2015 – 2021 )

Many times I have been accused of being a two bit tit, that I have a brain so smooth that a fly can skate on it, that I am paid to soil on car brands and especially that I am… Continue Reading →

Review : Toyota Kluger XU20 ( 2001 – 2007 )

Sure, outside Japan and Australia the Toyota Kluger XU20 was called the Highlander or the RX’s budget cousin, but I’ve decided that the Kugler needs it’s own review so you will eat sh&t with pickles.

Review : Lexus RX AL20 ( 2015 – 2022 )

The third generation Lexus RX was a pretty good exercise for the brand but it’s still had it’s downsides but atleast it got it’s foot in the door. And then came along the most famous RX of them all, the… Continue Reading →

Review : Lexus RX AL10 ( 2009 – 2015 )

Much like that cute but shy girl who is wearing baggy clothing and badly drawn make-up, with the Lexus RX AL10 all the fun is underneath the clothing. Lexus RX AL10, a small facelift for a big car.

Review : Lexus RX UX30 ( 2003 – 2008 )

Lexus RX UX30, the official soccermom mobile for the Karen who had a lot of money in 2010, and I mean alot. But is it worth it to buy one in this day and age, us as ordinary mortals?

Review : Lexus RX UX10 ( 1998 – 2003 )

Lexus RX UX10 is one of the first cars that established the SUV genre in the world. Lexus RX UX10, a car that proves that sometimes the drunk ideas are the best. Find out why, in this almost car review.

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