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Review: Honda HR-V RV (2021 – present)

It seems that after the failure of the previous generation in Europe, the Japanese at Honda decided to make a 360-degree turn with the Honda HR-V RV and have a miraculous and acrobatic comeback. And they succeeded.

Review : Toyota Highlander XU20 ( 2001 – 2007 )

You could argue that the Toyota Highlander XU20 is just a 4Runner with a closed boot, but that’s like saying sriracha is just some ketchup with pepper added to it. And you’d be so wrong, they would take you away.

Review : Lexus RX UX30 ( 2003 – 2008 )

Lexus RX UX30, the official soccermom mobile for the Karen who had a lot of money in 2010, and I mean alot. But is it worth it to buy one in this day and age, us as ordinary mortals?

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