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Review: VW Jetta A5 ( 2005 – 2011 )

VW Jetta A5 is one of the most popular cars among europeans. Basically, only VW Jetta A5 should be sold by VW. 

Review : Skoda Fabia III ( 2015 – 2021 )

Skoda Fabia III, the official women’s and ladies car and driving instructors go-to-trolley, returns again to the urban jungle. Is the compact Skoda ready to face a climate hostile to the classic hatchback?

Review : Skoda Fabia II ( 2007 – 2014 )

Skoda Fabia II, VW Polo’s poorer, more practical cousin. And it may even be the best choice. Here’s why Skoda Fabia II is worth it, in today’s article.

Review : Skoda Fabia I ( 2000 – 2007 )

Skoda Fabia I, the very first Skoda compact car built under the VW umbrella. If you want a simple and cheap car, Skoda Fabia I remains a relevant car even in 2022.

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