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Review: Opel Adam ( 2013 – 2019 )

Opel Adam, the smallest Opel car in recent history. Why don’t we see them on the road much? Find out the truth about the Opel Adam as well as the mystery of the Del cheese products, in today’s article.

Review: Opel Corsa E ( 2014 – 2019 )

Opel Corsa E, which is actually a Vauxhall Corsa D with many improvements. You might say that the French wine will spoil the American supermini, but here’s how much better it can get.

Review: Opel Corsa D ( 2006 – 2014 )

Opel Corsa D, the official car of car instructors who refuse to pay extra money for a VW Polo. Opel Corsa D, the official car of city people who don’t care. Opel Corsa D, the noodle soup of the automotive… Continue Reading →

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