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Review: Renault Twingo III ( 2014 – present )

Renault Twingo III, back to basics with both the good and the bad. Why didn’t they launch the first generation again, rather than break the bank to develop the Renault Twingo III?

Review: Renault Twingo II ( 2007 – 2014 )

Renault Twingo II, a continuation of the first generation Twingo or a two doors Clio ? Renault Twingo II, an almost fun almost car.

Review: Renault Twingo I ( 1993 – 2007 )

Renault Twingo I, a curiosity in the civilised Europe, a miserable car in the Balkans, and a cult classic in America. Renault Twingo I, one of the cheapest ways to have fun on four wheels.

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