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Review : Seat Leon 1P ( 2005 – 2012 )

Seat Leon 1P, an almost perfect car. A car that I love 80%, but the remaining 20% is way too much for me to accept. Seat Leon 1P, that child who missed the place at the national Olympics by a… Continue Reading →

Review: Mitsubishi Space Star I (1998 – 2005)

Almost cars returns with the help of the Mitsubishi Space Star I in the realm of budget cars. So, if you have less than 1000 euros in your pocket and want an exceptional daily driver, then it’s worth clicking on… Continue Reading →

Pareri : Mercedes CLA C118 ( 2019 – present )

The great literary, gastronomy and automobile critic Don Tobol once said “driving a Mercedes Benz”. And these words somehow  inspired me and made me feel a total dum-dum for not writing about the Mercedes CLA C118.

Review: Suzuki Jimny III ( 1998 – 2018 )

Oh yes, the Suzuki Jimny III. A lot of people were probably expecting a slightly altered review of the Suzuki Jimny III and that’s because the Suzuki Jimny is an almost car.

Review: Dacia Spring ( 2019 – present )

Some say this car is a failure and you’ll roll over and die at the first gust of wind. Others say it’s all the car you need. All we know is that the Dacia Spring is the cheapest electric car… Continue Reading →

Review: Audi A5 8T ( 2007 – 2016 )

The Mercedes CLK hasn’t retired, it’s been reincarnated as the Audi A5 8T. Audi A5 8T, a cheaper Mercedes CLS. Audi A5 8T, an A4 B8 that missed reliability hours. And yet, what made the Audi A5 8T so popular?

Review: Mercedes GLA I ( 2013 – 2020 )

Is the Mercedes GLA I a commercial crash-grab? Yes. Does it work and sell like hotcakes? Yes. I’m jealous of it and should I admit it’s a commercially successful car? Yes.

Review: Dacia Lodgy I ( 2012 – present )

iI could have simply written that the Dacia Lodgy I is just a Dokker with windows and I could have gone out for a beer in peace and quiet as it’s now open until 11 pm anyway and it’s open… Continue Reading →

Review: Dacia Dokker I ( 2012 – present )

Dacia Dokker I, the spiritual successor to the Dacia Logan MCV Van. Built-in Morocco, according to a French recipe, and the car of the craftsmen. The psychosis begins properly.

Review: Dacia Sandero II ( 2012 – 2020 )

Want a new Golf V? Then the Dacia Sandero II might be the closest answer. Dacia Sandero II is one of the best compact cars today.

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