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Review: Audi A5 8T ( 2007 – 2016 )

The Mercedes CLK hasn’t retired, it’s been reincarnated as the Audi A5 8T. Audi A5 8T, a cheaper Mercedes CLS. Audi A5 8T, an A4 B8 that missed reliability hours. And yet, what made the Audi A5 8T so popular?

Review: Mercedes GLA I ( 2013 – 2020 )

Is the Mercedes GLA I a commercial crash-grab? Yes. Does it work and sell like hotcakes? Yes. I’m jealous of it and should I admit it’s a commercially successful car? Yes.

Review: Dacia Lodgy I ( 2012 – present )

iI could have simply written that the Dacia Lodgy I is just a Dokker with windows and I could have gone out for a beer in peace and quiet as it’s now open until 11 pm anyway and it’s open… Continue Reading →

Review: Dacia Dokker I ( 2012 – present )

Dacia Dokker I, the spiritual successor to the Dacia Logan MCV Van. Built-in Morocco, according to a French recipe, and the car of the craftsmen. The psychosis begins properly.

Review: Dacia Sandero II ( 2012 – 2020 )

Want a new Golf V? Then the Dacia Sandero II might be the closest answer. Dacia Sandero II is one of the best compact cars today.

Review: Ford Puma Compact ( 1997 – 2003 )

It’s 20-22, but if you want a cheap, semi-fun, almost sporty car, the Ford Puma Compact is the best car you haven’t thought of at all.

Review: Opel Meriva A ( 2003 – 2010 )

Opel Meriva A…a Corsa C that has eaten its fill in quarantine and now comes to light? An Opel Zafira…excuse me, Zamfira for the wussies intimidated by its size? I don’t know either, I’m just asking questions.

Review: Opel Ampera ( 2012- 2015 )

Like the Daewoo Tico, the Opel Ampera was a car way ahead of its time, only unlike the Tico, it was as successful as a show nobody watches.

Review: VW Golf III ( 1992 – 1997 )

So I can’t take it anymore. If I don’t write about the VW Golf III I can feel my testicle swelling (I only got 1). If I don’t write now I feel like that. VW Golf III – one of… Continue Reading →

Review: Opel Agila B ( 2007 – 2014 )

If an Opel Corsa D seems way too expensive but you still want an Opel that’s actually Suzuki, then the Opel Agila B is probably the answer for you. Or something from Myria. Opel Agila B – if it were… Continue Reading →

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