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Review: Mercedes Citan ( 2012 – 2021 )

Looks like Mercedes learned something from the Vaneo lesson but not THAT much. Otherwise I don’t understand how the Mercedes Citan came to be. Mercedes Citan – the official car of arranged marriage.

Review: Renault Scenic III ( 2009 – 2016 )

Renault Scenic III, the last samurai. Renault Scenic III, was the best attendee at a party where it was just him alone. Why it’s worth buying a Scenic III, find out in today’s article.

Review: Renault Megane IV ( 2016 – 2022 )

Renault Megane IV, is a car you buy because it looks better than Salma Hayek and because it’s more reliable than a bottle of V33, because V33 will be with you even when the money runs out and the rest… Continue Reading →

Review : Nissan Qashqai II ( 2013 – 2021 )

Nissan Qashqai II, that sort of person who comes up with a brilliant business idea but forgets it the next day. Nissan Qashqai II, the car of unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions.

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