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Review: Citroen C3 SC (2009 – 2016)

Certainly, the Citroen C3 SC is light-years ahead of the first C3 in terms of reliability, but can it catch your eye and your money and make you overlook its somewhat shabby reputation like the shack where I’m writing from?

Review : Lexus RX AL10 ( 2009 – 2015 )

Much like that cute but shy girl who is wearing baggy clothing and badly drawn make-up, with the Lexus RX AL10 all the fun is underneath the clothing. Lexus RX AL10, a small facelift for a big car.

Review : Jaguar X Type ( 2001 – 2009 )

Pretty much like how Red Hot Chili Peppers launched “By the Way” in 2002, which would become one of their masterpieces, Jaguar also released Jaguar X Type in 2001, possibly the car that saved their bottoms from bankruptcy. Is it… Continue Reading →

Review : Jeep Grand Cherokee WK ( 2004 – 2009 )

If you’re passionate about the American way of life and want a piece of the action but still find the Jeep Commander too square for you, then you can try the Jeep Grand Cherokee III and you can almost have… Continue Reading →

Review : Suzuki Swift IV ( 2016 – present )

Suzuki Swift IV. Normally I wouldn’t write so early about a car that can still be bought new, but I couldn’t resist. This car is so popular and is such a massive succes that I can’t ignore it. Unlike the… Continue Reading →

Review : Toyota Rav4 XA20 ( 2000 – 2005 )

Toyota Rav4 XA20, the genesis of the cross-over. Today, almost all cars are slightly-raised hatchbacks which come with the image of an SUV, all wrapped in a city car, affordable bundle. But almost 20 years ago, Toyota launched the little… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Urban Cruiser ( 2009 – 2016 )

Toyota Urban Cruiser or how to make a 30,000 euro Aygo and then complain that nobody buys it. Toyota Urban Cruiser, a Land Cruiser lite.

Review: Dacia Spring ( 2019 – present )

Some say this car is a failure and you’ll roll over and die at the first gust of wind. Others say it’s all the car you need. All we know is that the Dacia Spring is the cheapest electric car… Continue Reading →

Review: BMW i3 ( 2014 – 2022 )

Drop the mic and get on the pole. The BMW i3 has somehow managed the feat of being the most revolutionary BMW car of recent times but also the BMW with the worst depreciation.

Review : Audi A3 8P ( 2003 – 2012 )

Audi A3 8P, one of the best-selling cars from Germoney. Audi A3 8P, the premium car of the common man. Why it sold so well and what you should look out for when buying a used one, you can find… Continue Reading →

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