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Review: Dacia Logan II ( 2012 – 2020 )

After the success of Dacia Logan, came the inevitable sequel. Dacia Logan II kept the same recipe of cheap, unpretentious, no performance, and no issues. A car with the lifespan of a old school household appliance that will make your… Continue Reading →

Review: Renault Wind ( 2010 – 2013 )

Renault Wind is the most fun French car you’ve never heard of. “Renault what?”. Renault Wind, a car that left as quickly as it came and wreaked havoc on our souls.

Review: Renault Modus ( 2004 – 2013 )

Renault Modus, a car for the most dedicated of people. Even if it seems like a strange and misunderstood car, the Renault Modus might be worth your money.

Review: Renault Symbol ( 2008 – 2012 )

I know, it’s supposed to be Renault Clio Symbol II but the French decided to call it just Renault Symbol. Which is very strange, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME CARS.

Review: Renault Clio Symbol ( 1999 – 2008 )

I could probably copy-paste the Renault Clio article and rename it Renault Clio Symbol and then I could happily go to a pub because look what a good job I did. But then again, someone asked for an article about… Continue Reading →

Review: Renault Clio IV ( 2012 – 2019 )

Renault Clio IV, the little giant who left his overalls at work and put on sunglasses, and a whistle, grabbed a water bottle and went to a festival. But could he have kept his modest origins and been a good… Continue Reading →

Review: Renault Clio III ( 2005 – 2012 )

Renault Clio III, one of the best cars that went under the radar of the europeans but was quite a hit on other continents. Renault Clio III, the official car of “the eastern european is too poor to buy something… Continue Reading →

Review: Renault Clio II ( 1998 – 2005 )

Renault Clio II, the little giant from Renault that came to turn the French image upside down and make things straighter than freshly drilled teeth at the dentist. But did it succeed?

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