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Review: BMW 4 Series F32 ( 2013 – 2020 )

BMW 4 Series F32. Back to basics. So drop the mic and get on the dancing pole.

Review: BMW Z3 ( 1995 – 2002 )

Do you want to take Graham Norton for a ride but don’t have the money? Then you have a BMW Z3 at your disposal. Or maybe you want a car that will become a classic one day? Then a BMW… Continue Reading →

Review: BMW X5 F15 ( 2013 – 2018 )

BMW X5 F15 or how to transform from an mobster car into a family car. Here’s how BMW managed to turn a car so disastrous it was brilliant, into a mundane and tame car.

Review: BMW X5 E70 ( 2006 – 2013 )

It would be good for my health to be careful what I write about BMW X5 E70. A fabulous car in the sense of how expensive and unreliable a car can be, which is still the preferred chariot of people… Continue Reading →

Review: BMW X3 E83 ( 2004 – 2010 )

Launched in 2004 from the gates of the Graz factory, the BMW X3 E83 set out to redefine the sector of off-road cars that never leave the tarmac. Here’s what you need to know about this X5 Lite, in today’s… Continue Reading →

Review BMW X5 E53 ( 1999 – 2006 )

The BMW X5 E53 was a full ontheft, by all accounts. First and foremost it was a theft on the part of BMW who stole Land Rover technology because that’s the real reason they actually bought Land Rover for in… Continue Reading →

Review: BMW 1 Series F20 ( 2011 – 2019 )

BMW 1 Series F20, the second generation of the aspirational BMW. If the first 1 Series was the official car of “I want BMW but I can’t really afford a BMW”, the BMW 1 Series F20 takes your money and… Continue Reading →

Review: BMW 1 Series E87 ( 2004 – 2013 )

If you want a BMW but can’t really afford a BMW, you buy a BMW E36. Or a BMW 1 Series E87. But is it worth buying the first generation of the cheapest BMW in 2023? Find out in today’s… Continue Reading →

Review: BMW i3 ( 2014 – 2022 )

Drop the mic and get on the pole. The BMW i3 has somehow managed the feat of being the most revolutionary BMW car of recent times but also the BMW with the worst depreciation.

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