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Review: Mercedes GLK ( 2008 – 2015 )

An ML is too big and won’t fit through the gate? Don’t want to be associated with the image of the typical ML driver? Or maybe the wife wants something imposing but easier to drive? The Mercedes GLK answers all… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Prius III ( 2009 – 2015 )

Toyota Prius III, is probably the most successful Prius yet and definitely the one you want. Unless you don’t care about the looks of the car, and that would make me ask you what are you doing in the Toyota… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Land Cruiser 120 ( 2002 – 2009 )

Toyota Land Cruiser 120, is the official car of old-fashioned gangsters and mobster. If he’s 50 years old, has a generous gut, wears a leather cap and drives a Toyota Land Cruiser 120 or has a chauffeur, you’d do very… Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Prius II ( 2003 – 2009 )

Yes, Toyota Prius II because nobody bought the first model. Toyota Prius II, the car that started the eco-hysteria in America. But how did it fare in Europe?

Review: Mercedes B Class W245 ( 2005 – 2012 )

Mercedes B Class W245, the best Mercedes Benz that we didn’t buy. I wonder why?

Review: Mercedes C Class W205 ( 2014 – present )

Mercedes C Class W205, back to basics. A car that goes by the motto that in life it’s better to look rich than to actually be rich.

Review: Ford B Max ( 2012 – 2017 )

Made in Romania, this would be the main party piece of the Ford B Max. Or maybe it’s the best Romanian car nobody has heard of. Too bad.

Review: Audi A5 8T ( 2007 – 2016 )

The Mercedes CLK hasn’t retired, it’s been reincarnated as the Audi A5 8T. Audi A5 8T, a cheaper Mercedes CLS. Audi A5 8T, an A4 B8 that missed reliability hours. And yet, what made the Audi A5 8T so popular?

Review: Mercedes B Class W246 ( 2012 – 2018 )

Mercedes B Class W246, a story that started very well and continued decently. Like Gangnam Style, it’s hard to come up with a better sequel when the original is bang on.

Review: Ford Ranger III ( 2011 – 2022 )

Ford Ranger III, which started out as an official truck for mountaintop telecom operators and quickly became one of the biggest status cars.

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