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Review: Honda Jazz GE (2008 – 2014)

Just like with the Audi RS4, the Honda Jazz II was a successful recipe right from the start, so there wasn’t much room for major improvements. The Honda Jazz GE, an Audi RS4 for women.

Review : Lexus RX AL20 ( 2015 – 2022 )

The third generation Lexus RX was a pretty good exercise for the brand but it’s still had it’s downsides but atleast it got it’s foot in the door. And then came along the most famous RX of them all, the… Continue Reading →

Review : Lexus RX AL10 ( 2009 – 2015 )

Much like that cute but shy girl who is wearing baggy clothing and badly drawn make-up, with the Lexus RX AL10 all the fun is underneath the clothing. Lexus RX AL10, a small facelift for a big car.

Review : Lexus RX UX30 ( 2003 – 2008 )

Lexus RX UX30, the official soccermom mobile for the Karen who had a lot of money in 2010, and I mean alot. But is it worth it to buy one in this day and age, us as ordinary mortals?

Review : Lexus RX UX10 ( 1998 – 2003 )

Lexus RX UX10 is one of the first cars that established the SUV genre in the world. Lexus RX UX10, a car that proves that sometimes the drunk ideas are the best. Find out why, in this almost car review.

Review: Honda Jazz GD (2001 – 2008)

If you have a budget of 1000 pounds and you need to buy a car for your wife, then the Honda Jazz GD is one of the top candidates. But only if you absolutely have to buy a car for… Continue Reading →

Review: Mitsubishi Lancer VIII (2004 – 2007)

Looking at the period it was introduced to the market, it’s easy to understand why it’s called the Mitsubishi Lancer VIII. Yes, it caught our eyes in the rally world, but how does it perform as an everyday car? The… Continue Reading →

Review: Mitsubishi ASX XB ( 2016 – 2023 )

The Mitsubishi ASX XB isn’t exactly the second generation ASX, but represents the third and fourth facelift of the original ASX. And I do understand that you can do a facelift once, twice, or thrice, but come on, move on… Continue Reading →

Review: Mitsubishi Pajero Sport K80 (1998 – 2008)

Do you remember the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport K80? If you’re not passionate about off-roading, you probably don’t. But if you are passionate or want to get into this really expensive but fun hard drug, you know we’re talking about a… Continue Reading →

Review: Mitsubishi Space Star I (1998 – 2005)

Almost cars returns with the help of the Mitsubishi Space Star I in the realm of budget cars. So, if you have less than 1000 euros in your pocket and want an exceptional daily driver, then it’s worth clicking on… Continue Reading →

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