The Swift returns once more, under the guise of Suzuki Swift III, to steal your woman. Seriously, what’s up with the girls stampending themselves over this car? Is it really worth the money or is it just another wheeled fashion accessory?

Suzuki Swift III is the logical continuation to one of the most loved cars by 18 – 30 year old girls. It’s just that the reliability disappointed the girls more than they were disappointed by their lovers in bed, because they thought that a session of intense lovemaking would last at least 6 hours, and all they got was a 5 minute blunder. By the way, do you know which is the best car to make love in? At our age, probably an ambulance.

Still, like many other things in life, the first time does not turn out so well and improvements will be needed. And so it went from Swift II, which was not the last word in terms of reliability, to Suzuki Swift III which came with new technology and improved reliability. They switched to a new automatic gearbox, although not necessarily better, they switched to the new generation of DualJet engines that were used extensively and they worked on the car’s handling. The issues were solved and today the Suzuki Swift III remains one of the most reliable and affordable city cars.

Of course, they kept the 1.6 engine so that men would be tempted, now with added flavor up to 130 horsepower. Suzuki Swift III Sport still remained the spiritual continuation of Lupo GTI and Golf II GTI, but now it is even more reliable. The reality however is that the star will remain the 1.2 DualJet petrol and, strangely, the 1.3 diesel which was borrowed from Fiat. Seriously now, are we so addicted to diesel that we also put them on city cars? What’s next, let’s put diesel on scooters? Pictures of the ridiculously photogenic marathon racer placed at the entrance of a fast food to make you feel bad? The Sofia Boutella’s phone number sent via private message to the Almost Cars Facebook page , may God bless your heart?

Suzuki Swift III Engines


  • 1.2 K12B and K12M of 92 horsepower – This is where progress is launched…with the previous generation actually. Launched on the 2nd generation Swift as an India and China exclusive, the respectable 1.2 DualJet from Suzuki was a smash hit like if it wannabe your lover. There are no notable issues, instead it has a greater advantage than Salma Hayek’s advantages. It is one of the last 4 cylinder naturally aspirated modern engines in these troubled, eco-friendly, turbocharged times. Maybe on the Suzuki Swift III the impact is not so obvious, but in the next generation this is an asset that is hard to ignore. Also, some East Asia markets came with the same Jatco CVT automatic, which is not so great. To be Johnny Polite about it.
  • 1.4 K14B of 95 horsepower – You get 3 (three) beautiful horsepower extra and you pay way too much for it to be worth it. It’s like I’ve seen this somewhere before, ain’t that right Ignis?
  • 1.6 M16A of 130 horsepower – The glorious engine on the Swift Sport remains the old M16A from previous generations. There are no notable issues apart from an appetite for clutches, so you can really have fun on the cheap.


1.3 DDiS D13A of 75 horsepower – It’s obvious that in the Suzuki engineering department nobody cares about diesel so we have the same Fiat-sourced 1.3 CDTI used on the Fiat Punto, Opel Corsa or Fiat 500. Occasional issues with the EGR and the particle filter and I’m glad that in the next generation they removed it completely.


Suzuki Swift III Common Issues

  • The factory-issued windshield wipers were slightly unfortunate, but most likely they were already replaced by the first owner. But you never know. Now that I’m thinking of the typical Swift owner, probably not.
  • It’s an asian car so now comes the complementary minute of issues, namely the cheap interior made of even cheaper plastic. Seriously, you have a simple, reliable, good-looking and economical car and at the end you get an interior where not even a college student would check in. And the problem is not necessarily that the plastic is cheap, but the fact that that plastic will start making sounds as if Bassjackers is having a concert in the glove box.


Suzuki Swift III Verdict

It didn’t go well for me first time either. It was the same with the Suzuki Swift, they needed to work until the Suzuki Swift III become an excellent city car, tailored specifically for ladies aged 18-30. It looks harmless, it even looks cute, it’s cheap, it’s easy to drive and park, it’s cheap to fix if you scratched it in the parking lot at the mall and no one will ever judge you for owning one, unlike if you owned an X3 or an ML or something expensive and with that signature look of superiority. It’s not a car that necesarilly touches my feminine side, but surely there is a reader somewhere who reads this article and will buy a Swift.

Which engines do I recommend? The excellent 92 horsepower 1.2 DualJet 4 cylinder petrol is all the engine you will ever need. I will also mention the 1.3 diesel, mainly because I have to.