Legend has it that the Opel Zafira A was made in cooperation with Porsche. Who knows. All I know is that in today’s article we have one of Opel’s heroes, who hands out justice even today.

I am not an Opel fan. I think you saw that from the articles about the Insignia, Astra, Adam, or Vectra. I am instead a Corsa fan and definitely not an Opel Zafira A fan. It’s just that, as much as I don’t like this car, I have to admit it’s pretty damn good. Well, it’s not exactly Salma Hayek or Sofia Vergara good, but it’s definitely still a memorable car for the streets of our incontinent. A car more bought than bottles of Peroni, a car more celebrated than our beloved Piers Morgan, a car more watched and adored than Midsommer Murders. Just like Midsommer Murders, many people got their Opel Zafira A out of necessity.


And here comes the Zafira A’s party piece: It’s a cheap, very practical car that has proven over time to be highly resistant to abuse. Driven generally by the kind of man who has a beret on his head, a wool vest, who is red in the face all the time from alcohol, with a pack of smuggled cigarettes in his shirt breast pocket, beads on his seat and a Tom Jones CD made by a nephew a few years ago, the Opel Zafira A has proudly carried and carried in 20-20 people, pigs, potatoes, teapots, cement, more pigs, tools, relatives you don’t care about and so on. How did he do it? Simple, he came from the factory with 7 seats. Basically, it’s a van with windows.

The first generation Opel Zafira fits perfectly at a table with the Ford Mondeo II, VW Golf IV, and the first Sharan. Cars with prices written in pence on Facebook Marketplace and without “PRICE IN EURO” in the description. Cars to tease. It’s very hard to buy more sheet metal for the same money. Better, probably yes. But more? You don’t stand a chance.


Opel Zafira A Engines


  • 1.6 MPI of 97 and 101 horsepower – Excellent engine, coming from an era where you lived in mechanics, not electronics. I just don’t recommend it on the Zafira because it can only carry 2-3 people. If you’re going to use it as you intend, take your mind off this engine.
  • 1.8 MPI of 115 and 125 horsepower – If it participated in “Britain’s got Talent”, it would get 5 “YES” and 5 Golden Buzzer, at the same time. A glorious engine from a time we’ll never see again, this sensational 1.8 MPI is just right and worth every penny. Hang on, this is the successor to the Zafira B, but it’s ok in petrol too. Just make sure to bring a barrel of oil with you all the time.
  • 2.0 Turbo of 192 horsepower  – Launched on the Opel Zafira OPC, I find it hard to believe there are middle aged men interested in this torpedo. Not to say it’s not a good idea, but at the slightest touch of the accelerator pedal, your rakia bottles, chives, and flour sack will fly out the window. Plus, it’s so fast that you can cross the village long before Tom Jones’ song ends and you’ll be left with a hole in your heart.
  • 2.2 MPI of 150 horsepower  – In addition to having a more expensive tax and insurance, this gas guzzler chuggs down both gasoline and timing chains. Do yourself a favor and look for a 1.8 petrol.


  • 2.0 of 82 and 101 horsepower – The 82 horsepower one was launched on December 16, 1598, by Yi Sun-Sin at Noryang, so I won’t talk much about it. Probably the star will be the 101-horsepower diesel, which needs airflow meters and EGRs occasionally. Although, if you have a Zafira A, I don’t think you’re going to care to fix them.
  • 2.2 of 125 horsepower  – Higher tax, dual mass flywheel, EGR, ECU, airflow meter, diesel leaks because they put in pipes made out of toilet paper…go on? Need more reasons not to buy this engine?


Opel Zafira A General Issues

  • If you are interested in the brakes, check both the calipers and the brake lines. On this type of car, the brake line has probably never been changed so you have all chances that the car will leak brake fluid.
  • If the thought of driving a Zafira horrifies you, then rest assured. The seats aren’t as well secured on some models and at the first corner, you’re likely to fly out of the car. With the seat.
  • Rust has never been a big issue with Opel, but the way most owners use the car, really take a look underneath.


Opel Zafira A Verdict

It’s incredible how much abuse this car can eat up. I remain with the same opinion as in the beginning: It’s a car that now feels great in the countryside, where the term “maintenance” hasn’t caught up yet. But the Zafira somehow manages to crawl from no oil change to the next no oil change, carrying pigs, damsels, relatives you can’t stand, the steak, the CDs, the poster of a young Maria Lataretu, the 50 icons, and crucifixes hanging from the windscreen and the beaded seat covers. Opel Zafira A – good luck in what you continue to do because you are a hero of the countryside.


What engines do you recommend? For petrol, I only recommend the 1.8, both 115 and 125 horsepower, and for diesel, I recommend the 2.0 with 101 horsepower.