Launched in 1995, the Ford Fiesta IV made the transition from the official farmer’s car to the official beginner’s car. What relevance does this little giant have in 2020, we’ll see in today’s article.

In 1995 the times were much simpler. Everyone wore the famous MC Hammer parachutes, Toy Story (world’s first full CGI movie) is released, Windows 95 is making its debut on our computers and Bill Clinton is feeling well under the table. Yes, in 1995 Ford also launched the Ford Fiesta IV, that middle child, good in it’s own way, but mostly forgotten. A hardworking child, who did his job honorably, but who did anything remarkable in life. He could;ve been memorable, but his parents didn’t let him because the Ford Puma got launched at about the same time, one of the most famous children of the ’90s.

Ford Fiesta IV comes with a new Ford identity, being from the same generation as the Ford Focus I and making the transition from agrarian to modern.


How did the Ford Fiesta fare in the ’90s?

Actually pretty good. At that time there were not so many body types alternatives, Chelsea tractors were more of a curiosity, cross-overs did not exist, MPVs like Touran and Sharan were merely vans with windows and seats, the concept of hatchback was also a curiosity, and the automotive sector was dominated by the saloon. Saloons like the Ford Mondeo, VW Passat B4, Opel Astra B or Alfa Romeo 155. How much things have changed in 20 years.

The streets weren’t so crowded, so the saloons clearly dominated the car sector in the same way that Vinnie Jones dominated his enemies. But there was also a need for small cars, which weren’t as versatile as a hatchback like Ford Focus or VW Golf but friendly enough for those that drive a car out of necessity, not because they want to. Yes, people that drive because they have to. People that are filled with dread when they see the car keys but they know that they have to get to the job somehow.


How did the Fiesta survive on the market for so many millennia?

  • Easy, just like when it was launched, the Ford Fiesta IV was a very good car for beginners. If the current generations of Fiesta are the official chariots of mid-level sales agents who sell mainly pharmaceutical and cosmetics, the Ford Fiesta IV was a beginner’s car. In fact, it was the first car of the family that molded for beginners, previous generations being more sporty, but Ford kept the leash shorter than a matron for this model.
  • Today however most Ford Fiesta IV models cost up to 1000 euros, models maintained and still rolling, even if most of them are 16-23 years old. In fact, Ford Fiesta IV looks better than many 23-year-old human models, who retire in glory after an intensive career in clubs and bars in Amsterdam as dancers, making their plans for professional reorientation either in Europe on the dancing poll or on livejasmine / onlyfans at the laptop. By the way, have you noticed that there aren’t many prostitutes anymore out on the fields, most of them turning instead to technology and video chat, receiving with open arms both the technology and any horrible thing that came to mind to the patron who buys a few more tokens?

Ford Fiesta IV Engines


  • 1.3 of 49 horsepower “Kent” –  Launched in 1959 and gradually improved, this version is the latest incarnation of an antiquity worthy of the Stone Age. Old, ancient, long-standing, reliable and trustworthy. It only needs 5W-30 semi-synthetic oil (only 5W-30) and comes with a timing chain that will soothe your ears clogged from the noise of this morally and technologically outdated engine even when it was new.
  • 1.25 of 75 horsepower Zetec-S – This antique developed with Yamaha and sent off to the world in 1995 is still being manufactured today. Much more refined, powerful and quieter than the late 1.3, the classic 1.25 engine needs a timing belt changed as often as possible and only 5W-30 oil. Piston issues have also been reported but rare cases.
  • 1.4 of 75 or 90 horsepower Zetec-S – The most balanced engine for the Ford Fiesta IV is basically an enlarged version of the 1.25. Also needs 5W-30 oil, otherwise it is the same engine, but which learned a little more in school and worked a little bit harder in life.
  • 1.6 of 100 horsepower Zetec-S – Suited more for the Ford Focus rather than the Fiesta, but it’s good to know that you can have this option as well. Honestly, I wouldn’t pick a 100 horsepower Ford Fiesta IV as my first car. Of course, there are people who buy a BMW E36 as their first car and who become siamese brothers with trees living at the edge of the bend, but I do not instigate to such actions. Not out of care for them, but I want all people to grow up beautifully and healthy so that they can work like me and see how the gubment takes half of their salary in order to distribute it to chavs and other people that could work but choose not to.


1.8 TDDI of 60 and 70 horsepower – The same 1.8 TDDI mounted on both Focus and Mondeo, this agrarian engine is noisy enough to make you buy a petrol Ford Fiesta IV. Such an engine would be at least a strange choice for the Fiesta IV, but as long as pickled-flavored Milka or Big Brother exists, who am I to judge?

Ford Fiesta IV General Issues

  • Rust is a point of interest which you probably expected. Bonus points for wheel arches because that’s where most of the rust accumulates.
  • The front supension is prone to damage. However, repairing or replacing the suspension will cost you the equivalent of a few packs of cigarettes brought over from Ukraine.
  • Like any self-respecting Ford, the insulation is made in good old British Leyland way and it will rain in your car. Or you can buy some new seals, or some chewing gum.
  • The automatic gearboxes are, like the rest of the Ford models of this period, as good and useful as the damp on the walls.

Ford Fiesta IV Verdict

The 4th generation Ford Fiesta remains one of the best cars for beginners, even in 2020. It is not powerful enough to use it for too long, it is not big enough to be practical in daily use, it is not expensive enough to cry when you hit it in the parking lot. It is a simple, unpretentious, small and maneuverable car. It’s exactly what you need when you’ve just got your driver’s license and want to learn about traffic. Be very careful however not to be hit by an X6 tho.